Star Wars Technical Journal

The vehicles and machines that make up the Star Wars universe are mightily impressive feats of engineering (were they real, of course) and understanding their inner workings is the raison d’être of the Star Wars Technical Journal by Shane Johnson. It isn’t Johnson’s book, however, that has caught our eye here at Coolector HQ but rather a version of it that has been reworked as a typography project by San Francisco based graphic designer, Yuya Yoshida.

Yoshida’s version of the Star Wars Technical Journal came about when he was tasked with taking a book already in existence and making it a whole new visual experience for a typography class and he’s hit the aesthetic nail on the head with his spiffing minimalist design for the Star Wars Technical Journal.

The original book explains the history and relevance of many of the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars galaxy such as the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star and the book has been given a new lease of life via Yoshida’s impeccable design and typography skills. Take a look at a couple more of the reworked pages below:

millenium falcon



death star 1

death star

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you can appreciate the excellent design skills that have gone into this recreation of a pre-existing book and Yoshida has undoubtedly captured our imaginations here at The Coolector. A great showcase of how typography and design can completely change the look and feel of a book and if you wanted to see some of the Star Wars vehicles explained in brilliant minimalist detail, this has got you covered.

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