Steve Casino Painted Nuts

As it transpires, peanuts aren’t just excellent for lathering in chocolate and boshing copious amounts of. They are also excellent for creating art as a mightily talented chap by the name of Steve Casino has admirably illustrated in his cracking (semi-nut related pun) collection of Painted Nuts which, as you’ll soon see, you’ll want sitting your desk sooner rather than later.

Steve Casino creates “insanely tiny portraits on peanuts” and many popular culture icons have come under his microscope and have been transformed into legume based excellence by his incredibly artistic hand. The likes of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Bob Marley and Captain America have all been superbly recreated for our viewing pleasure and the amount of detail and time that has gone into their creation is unparalleled.

Each of Casino’s creations are constructed and then painted (which typically takes in excess of 20 hours) before being put in a glass dome for display. This New York based artist takes commission for his creations so if you want to see your favourite character recreated in peanut form then Casino is definitely your man. Feast your eyes on some of his most admirable creations below:

breakingbad captain america kiss spiderman tyson


Undeniably quirky in nature, this fantastic artwork from Steve Casino obviously won’t appeal to the purists but it is unquestionably just our cup of tea here at Coolector HQ and if you join us in wanting a Bobba Fett shaped peanut on your desk, you better drop Casino a line and commission him into creating one for you.

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