State Bicycle Co 2018 Range

When it comes to cool looking bikes, it’s fair to say that the guys at State Bicycle Co are pretty tough to beat so, needless to say, we were eagerly anticipating the release of their summer 2018 line up of bicycles and, we’re pleased to report, they definitely don’t disappoint. The State Bicycle Co Summer 2018 Range of bikes sees the Arizona based brand reinforce their position as the mainstay of the fixed gear/single speed bike market with a stellar line up of steeds.

The State Bicycle Co Summer 2018 Range unveils a great new selection of 4130 Core-Line bikes and for those of you on the hunt for a new ride these upcoming summer months, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better candidate than these new, stylish and brilliantly crafted contraptions from State Bicycle Co. With an impressive number to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s right for your riding requirements and style tastes.

Aesthetically Superior Bicycles

Since their early days back in 2009, State Bicycle Co have prided themselves on producing visually superior steeds and that’s still true to this day – as is witnessed by their Summer 2018 line up of bikes. Affordability is another key component of the offerings from State Bicycle Co and they strive to deliver unparalleled quality for a price that your average riding can afford – typically under the $500 mark.

The Core Line series of bikes from State Bicycle Co is crafted to meet and exceed the simple needs of getting around town, to-and-from work or school, and the casual weekend ride. This eye-catching Summer Collection of bikes really does reflect the brand of State Bicycles through its use of bold, striking colourways which deliver a classic look that will draw attention without leaving your wallet unduly troubled. The 4130 steel frame ensures the bike will be more than robust enough for all your day to day adventures.

With four stylish new designs to pick from – namely, the Bernard, Rutherford 3, LaFleur 3 and Pardi B – you’re not going to be short of options and they are each built with advanced geometry, next-level design, and just the right amount of design flexibility so you can customise them from top to bottom. Take your pick from the traditional 40m deep-v wheels or the new “lo-pro” wheelset which delivers a lighter and more slimmed down look for the bicycle but no less comfortable a ride.

Ride in Style

The bikes from State Bicycle Co are very much steeds after our own heart here at Coolector HQ. Not too serious and ideally suited for day to day use for urban commutes to work or leisurely rides around time. This new range of bikes is more of the excellent same from one of our favourite cycling brands and for those who are currently in requirement of a new bike and have a budget around the $500 mark, there are few better choices out there.

Well made, visually superior and boasting some mighty fine components and specifications, this new Summer 2018 range of bikes from State Bicycle Co have certainly turned our heads here at The Coolector and we’re in little doubt these beauties will be positively flying off the shelves over the next few months and beyond.

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