Fly Massive Millworks Dusty Drawers

Finding the right furniture for any room in the home is something that isn’t a quick and easy decision but, luckily, there are furniture makers out there capable of making the decision process that much easier courtesy of producing some truly excellent designs and creations. Russian workshop and design studio, Fly Massive Millworks, are a fine example of exactly the sort of brand we’re talking about and their brilliant looking Dusty Drawers the calibre of furniture in question.

The Fly Massive Millworks Dusty Drawers are the latest in an already impressive line up of furniture creations and are ideally suited to either bedroom, dining room or living room duties such is their versatile design and all-encompassing aesthetics. Impeccably well crafted and visually superior, this is exactly the sort of furniture interior designers crave because it is the sort of piece that can tie a room together and which provides the sort of storage homeowners will demand.

Finishing Touches

Drawers probably aren’t the first piece of furniture you think about when decorating a room but they are amongst the most instrumental because of their functionality and versatile performance. The Dusty Drawers from Fly Massive Millworks are well-sized for any room and measure¬†1050 x 1000 x 450 mm so you’ll be able to fit plenty of clothing or files and other bits and pieces within them but they’re not so large as to be a burden on your floorspace.

The Fly Massive Millworks Dusty Drawers are made from American Walnut and Oak and there really is a tangible sense of quality to the touch as a result of the first class materials used in their construction. These woods are also amongst the most aesthetically pleasing on the market which makes these an attractive storage solution for any room whether it be a living room, bedroom or dining room.

Finished off with natural tung oil for a sleek, eye-catching visual impact, the Dusty Drawers from Fly Massive Millworks are the sort of furniture that we really love here at The Coolector and for any homeowner of interior designer looking for a cornerstone piece for any room, these will surely fit the bill. Each set of drawers is made to order with a lead time of around 3-5 weeks but, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Wooden Wonder

Fly Massive Millworks have rapidly become one of Russia’s most impressive and leading furniture, carpentry and woodworking studios courtesy of their stellar line up of furniture pieces that are both exceptionally well designed and fantastically well crafted. The Dusty Drawers are the latest addition to this list and for those of you with a love of stylish, functional and well made furniture, it is a real no brainer.

Adding a set of drawers of this caliber to any room in the home will immediately elevate the aesthetic appeal of that room and the Dusty Drawers (which aren’t dusty just FYI) are a cut above in the style stakes. We love the bold visual impact that they offer and when you couple this with their excellent storage space, it’s easy to see why they are proving to be one of the Russian design studio’s most popular pieces to date.

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