State Bicycle Co 6061 BLACK LABEL V2 Bike in PEACH

For those of us that like cycling and want a trusty steed for day to day urban adventures, State Bicycle Co should always be one of your first ports of call when looking for a new ride, not least because they regularly release awesome new offerings to be enjoyed. The latest to have caught our eye is the State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Bike in Peach that is a muted looking, top performing bike that will definitely tick the right boxes for anyone after a cool new bike in 2019.

The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Bike in Peach has a price tag of $649.99 and is definitely one of the coolest looking bikes we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ. This brilliant looking contraption from California based State Bicycle Co is perfect for owning the streets or the tracks and you’ll be blown away by its high end performance. It is crafted on an agile and ultra-light 6061 aluminium frame with Essor USA carbon fork and this is responsible for the top notch performance of this bicycle.

Fantastic Features

We’ve featured a fair few bicycles from State Bicycle Co in our time and we’re always blown away by the awesome aesthetics of their creations and they’ve showcased their considerable design talents once again with this 6061 Black Label V2 Bike in Peach. Great to look at and chock full of excellent components, it’s going to provide a performance like no other whilst also turning heads aplenty on every two-wheeled adventure you find yourself on in 2019.

The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Bike in Peach has a vast array of new features that add to its quality still further and if you’re after an ultra-reliable, stylish new steed, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better candidate than this one. This exemplary ride from State Bicycle Co has a tapered head tube for a stiffer and more responsive ride and you can choose between new Black Label Compact Drops or Wide Risers with Vans Grips.

We’re loving the unusual peach colour way of this latest release from State Bicycle Co and it has lighter Black Label mid-profile wheels with sealed hubs with a new Black Label Series CNC’d crank set with 144BCD that combine to help guarantee the unparalleled road performance of this stunning steed. This is a dominating street bike in its own right and it is stacked deep with high end parts  components – something that we’ve come to expect from State Bicycle Co.

Performance Perfection

State Bicycle Co are dedicated to offering the finest bicycles for the best prices and it’s always amazing to see the calibre of components they use at the price point they offer. The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Bike in Peach has a double butted, TIG-Welded 6061 Aluminium frame with tapered head tube, a flip-flop hub which means you can ride it as a fixed gear or single speed and a Premium Aerodynamic Race Saddle.

Priced at $649.99, you’ll find it difficult to find a more comprehensive and top performing cycle at this price point and we find it hard not to sit up and take notice whenever State Bicycle Co release another bike onto the market. Once again they’ve hit the high notes with the 6061 Black Label V2 Bike in Peach and we can’t wait to see what other machines hit their digital shelves over the next 12 months.

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