Hard Graft Open Knit Blazer

Whilst we associate the guys at Hard Graft mainly with awesome leather EDC and accessories, they are increasingly dipping their toes into the apparel waters with spectacular results and the latest piece to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ is the supremely stylish and aesthetically versatile Hard Graft Open Knit Blazer. This fantastic piece of clothing from Hard Graft is dapper in the extreme and the quality of craftsmanship and materials used really are second to none.

The Hard Graft Open Knit Blazer comes in a so-called “Almost Black Melange” colour way and has a price tag of some £376 which is, perhaps, quite a punchy amount for a blazer but the calibre of the apparel from Hard Graft is always nothing short of exemplary. This classy Open Knit Blazer is, like all the releases from Hard Graft, only made in limited runs so you’ll need to move quickly if you’re wanting to get your hands on one.

Style in Spades

If you’re looking to enhance your personal style in 2019, this excellent looking Hard Graft Open Knit Blazer may well be the perfect place to start with its eye-catching visual impact and unparalleled dapperness. Somewhat brilliantly, this blazer will be as effortlessly comfortable as your softest flannel pyjamas but will, at the same time, be as smart and sophisticated as your finest Sunday best suit.

The Hard Graft Open Knit Blazer (£376) has certainly captured our imagination here at The Coolector and the quality materials used throughout its construction really do help to set it apart from the competition. Whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down, this blazer will meet your needs and its extremely versatile in design so as to be suitable for more or less any event or occasion. The appeal of this style of blazer from Hard Graft lies in its elongated body, slim sleeves and casual open front.

First class features abound with this Open Knit Blazer from Hard Graft and some of the most eye-catching of these features include grey marbled buttons, a straight prolonged cut, fitted arms, prolonged sleeves and a foldable collar, which all combine to give this piece of outerwear a wonderfully sophisticated aesthetic impact. Crafted from 100% pure virgin wool, this blazer feels wonderful to the touch and the comfort it offers is, quite simply, beyond compare.

Blazer Perfection

A blazer is the sort of clothing that will effortlessly ramp up the style of any outfit, particularly when its as well made and visually appealing as this Hard Graft Open Knit Blazer. Each one is made in Italy to exacting standards and the colour is almost black, but when you look more closely and you’ll witness an extremely colourful yarn (which includes a mix of magenta, green yellow, mixes of grey and black) – all of which creates a mishmash of colour that becomes “almost black”.

Though the price tag a little shy of £400 might be a touch more than many will want to spend on a casual blazer, it is clear to see the quality on show here more than justifies it. All of Hard Graft’s knitwear is crafted from naturally self cleaning fibres and, if you need to freshen it up, you can just hang the garment outside for a while and it will be smelling as good as new in no time at all.

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