State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Black Mirror Bike

So far as bicycles are concerned, there are some workshops out there that always enter our thinking straight away whenever the time comes to get a new bike and, it’s fair to say, Arizona brand, State Bicycle Co, are chief amongst them. Our love for them stems from the fact they so consistently release amazing steeds like this State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Black Mirror Bike, which is their latest stealthy looking creation and we’re loving the look of it here at The Coolector.

The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Black Mirror Bike has a price tag of $679 which, when taking the materials, design and specifications into account, is a thoroughly fair amount for such an impressive ride. This cracking offering from State Bicycle Co will let you own the streets or the track with its highly versatile design which is suitable for tackling more or less any terrains that you can think of and if you love your bikes understated, this is definitely the one for you.

Stealthy Style, Unparalleled Performance

With State Bicycle Co you know you’re getting a top performing ride whichever of their steeds that you opt for but with the 6061 Black Label V2 Black Mirror Bike things are taken to a whole new level. This majestic looking contraption is built on an agile and ultra-light 6061 aluminium frame with Essor USA carbon fork and some of the significant elements which are new to “V2” include the tapered head tube for a stiffer and more responsive ride and the choice between new Black Label Compact Drops or Wide Risers with Vans Grips.

The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Black Mirror Bike ($679) has certainly captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and it’s clear that they’ve put a lot of thought into the design and build of this new ride. It has a lighter Black Label mid-profile wheels with sealed hubs and a new Black Label Series CNC’d crank set with 144BCD which helps ensure it delivers the sort of performance that you’re after each time you climb aboard the saddle.

It is fair to say that this is a dominating street bike in its own right and stacked deep with premiere parts & components that belie the fact that you can get your hands on one for just $679. Everywhere you look with the design of the Black Mirror Bike there is an impressive feature that will add to the overall performance. This includes the sealed, Low-Flange Hub – which ensures that you can easily ride fixed gear or single speed and the Premium Aerodynamic Race Saddle confirms your comfort.

 A Name You Can Trust

When buying a new bike, you want to go with a brand that has an impressive reputation within the industry and this is certainly something which can be applied to State Bicycle Co, who have been providing top of the range bikes to cyclists for years now and this Black Mirror Bike may well be one of their most striking and coolest to date (at least in our opinion here at Coolector HQ).

Fairly priced at $679, this mid-level ride from State Bicycle Co is the ideal choice for daily commuters or adventure seekers who don’t take their cycling too seriously and want a ride that looks the part and doesn’t disappoint whatever the terrain. The 6061 Black Label V2 Black Mirror Bike excels as a day to day use bike and for any man wanting a stealthy looking set of wheels this autumn, you’ve just found our top pick.

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