Human Over Ear Headphones

The concept of so-called “over ear” headphones is nothing new, of course, but we’re willing to wage that you won’t have seen any quite like these Human Over Ear Headphones before. Boasting a highly innovative design that we’re loving here at The Coolector, these Human Over Ear Headphones aren’t just a gimmick and actually deliver first class sound quality to complement their highly eye-catching design.

The Human Over Ear Headphones are available for pre-order now for the early bird pricing of $259 down from the RRP of $399 and if you’re after a new pair of headphones that dare to be different aesthetically without compromising audio performance, these might just be the ones for you. Billed as the first true wireless, over-ear headphones, this brilliantly conceived bit of tech has a 3 in 1 design which includes over-the-ear quality with the convenience of ear-buds that snaps into a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Out Of This World Performance

Cleverly designed, the Human Over Ear Headphones deliver an ultra-secure fit and the style to wear throughout the day. The fact that it can convert into a portable speaker is another string to the bow of this first class tech from Human and it sits comfortably on, not in your ear whilst providing up to 9 hours of continuous battery which ensures it offers an unparalleled wireless performance that’s hard to ignore.

The Human Over Ear Headphones ($259 pre-order) has a highly intuitive control system that is extremely straightforward to get to grips with and the intelligent touch and voice controls let you immerse yourself in a seamless audio experience. The touch gesture controls of these headphones let you easily control media, phone and digital assistant and the ambient sound technology makes sure that you’re always aware of the world around you whilst wearing them.

Boasting some of the most impressive tech you’re likely to encounter in headphones in this price bracket, the Human Over Ear Headphones have beam forming microphones that triangulate your voice and not the noise around you for superior call quality. Other stand out features of the design include the dual dynamic drivers that has four speakers which combine to create 2.2 sound system and the Bluetooth architecture supports connectivity over 100+ ft.

Multi-Lingual Masterpiece

Something which really sets these stunning headphones apart from the competition is the fact that they let you translate up to 11 languages in Headphone Mode. The translate mode lets you converse in multiple languages with individuals and in larger groups and you can snap them into Speaker mode for group translation to make it like having an interpreter in the room – not something you get with your average pair of headphones.

Perfect for allowing communication on the go, these Human Over Ear Headphones give you easy access to your phone’s native digital assistant so you can make calls and send texts with a simple touch. Accurately captures your voice, not the noise around you so you won’t experience any annoying call interference which is common when making calls through your headphones. So, if you want to make a mark with your next choice of headphones, these might just be the ideal candidate and you can pre-order them for a bargain price of $259 right now.

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