State Bicycle Co 6061 BLACK LABEL V2 ZOMBIE GREEN Bike

When it comes to delivering stand out steeds that are built to last the test of time, one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ is invariably that of State Bicycle Co and this is confirmed by the fact that they so consistently release awesome new offerings onto the market. The latest to have caught our eye (for obvious and vibrant reasons) is the stunning State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Zombie Green Bike which really does turn heads with both its aesthetics and performance capabilities.

The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Zombie Green Bike immediately strikes the eye with its immeasurably vibrant colour way and this limited edition offering is available for just $629 which, considering its components and performance, represents a bit of a bargain if we’re being honest. This magnificent ride from one of USA’s coolest fixed gear/single speed bike brands is an ultra-limited release in the 1-run Zombie Green colours to the premium 6061 Black Label line of State Bicycle Co and if you like what you see, you’ll need to move fast to secure one.

Eye-Opening Features

Everywhere you look with the 6061 Black Label V2 Zombie Green Bike from State Bicycle Co, you’ll see a feature that can’t fail to impress. This begins with the double butted frame which boasts a tapered headtube which has been paired with a newly designed full-carbon fork from Essor, which adds stiffness and responsiveness for a rapid, more lightweight feel. The full build delivers a lightweight wheelset alongside sealed bearing hubs and things are finished off with a fully CNC’d Track Crank & 48t Chain Ring with a versatile 144BCD. This allows owners of the Black Label range to mix and match their crank with top aftermarket chainrings.

The State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Zombie Green Bike comes replete with a handlebar option of either compact drop bars or wide mountain-style riser bar and a flip-flop hub which is important because it makes it easy to flick between fixed gear and single speed variations of the bike. This V2 offering also has water bottle mounts– a cool feature rarely seen on track bikes for those riders who find themselves on longer rides on the road and in need of rehydration.

It is clear to see that State Bicycle Co work hard behind the scenes in order to deliver the finest possible bikes at a value that doesn’t break the bank and the V2 Zombie Green Bike at just $629 is a fine example of this fact. The 6061 Black Label is State Bicycle Co.’s most coveted line and the ideal machine for navigating the streets and it’s important to remember that it will only be available for a limited time in this super cool Zombie Green iteration.

Quality Throughout

State Bicycle Co are well known for the quality of their creations and the 6061 Black Label V2 Zombie Green Bike is certainly no exception. It boasts an Essor USA FULL carbon fiber fork + steer tube, CNC’d Black Label track crank w/ 48t chainring, black Label mid-v style wheels w/ smooth, sealed bearing hub, a premium aerodynamic race saddle and 31.8mm Compact drop bar or wide-riser w/ Vans grips handlebars for the ultimate in riding performance.

Extremely limited in nature, the State Bicycle Co 6061 Black Label V2 Zombie Green Bike won’t hang around on the shelves for long – particularly considering the $629 price tag is possesses. This brilliantly designed and crafted steed is right up there with the best of them in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and if you’re after a ride that is going to deliver the performance you demand with an eye-catching aesthetic like no other, then look no further.

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