State Bicycle Co Black Label Bike

Trying to redress the balance somewhat given our heavy emphasis on electric bikes of late here on the pages of The Coolector, we’ve gone out in search of bicycle brilliance and think we’ve delivered in the form of this superb looking, stealthy number from State Bicycle Co that goes by the name of the Black Label Bike.

State Bicycle Co are a Arizona based purveyor of all things biking related and everything that they produce is crafted firmly with the rider in mind. Founded back in 2009, State Bicycle Co strive to deliver the highest quality, visually superior bicycles to the fixed gear/single speed market at incredible prices. The Black Label Bike showcases that they are firmly on track with this objective.

Paint it Black

The Black Label Bike from State Bicycle Co is built with agility in mind and this extremely lightweight contraption is the perfect choice for road bike enthusiasts looking for a bad ass steed to tackle their journeys on a day to day basis. This first rate construction boasts an ultra-light 6061 aluminium frame that offers an eye-catching Essor USA carbon fork & steer tube for that visual impact that you just don’t get with other bikes.



Stealthy in aesthetics and superior in performance, the Black Label Bike is definitely one to our liking here at Coolector HQ and this dominating street bike is sure to garner plenty of fans amongst those men hankering after a new bike this Christmas. Such are the quality of it visually, it’s hard not to be won over straight away but when you delve into the materials and components used in its construction, the want levels just increase still further.


It is the lightweight 6061 Aluminium, double butted and tig-welded frame that really sets this bike apart but it backs this up with other great features which include a Galaxy Track Crank, Pista race drop handlebars and a flip flop hub that makes it simple to switch between fixed gear and single speed variations.

Smooth Ride

The first rate materials used in the construction of the Black Label Bike from State Bicycle Co make it a pleasure to ride and when you take into account all the excellent materials used in its construction, it’s hard to believe that you’re able to pick one up for under $800.



Those men wanting a top class new bike to really ramp up their road biking in 2017 will be hard pressed to find a more suitable, and awesome, steed than this Black Label Bike from State Bicycle Co and it’s definitely one of the sleekest looking and magnificently crafted bikes we’ve come across in a while here at The Coolector. It must be good, it stopped us writing about electric bikes for once.

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