Topo Designs X Danner Fall 2016 Collection

We’ve all got brands that we love and will always gravitate back to when the time comes to replace our current wares and when two of these brands come together to produce excellence, excitement levels are invariably that bit higher. It is this level of excitement that we currently find ourselves in at Coolector HQ having just come across the Topo Designs X Danner Fall 2016 Collection of goods which any wilderness lover will definitely be looking to get their hands on over the next couple of months.


Topo Designs need little introduction from us as they’re regular features on the pages of The Coolector and the Colorado based outdoor goods and apparel purveyors have teamed up with Danner once again to offer a couple of superb looking pieces to add to their ever expanding roster of awesomeness – a pair of robust Ridge Boots and a superb looking Klettersack ideally suited to a life in the great outdoors.

Collaborative Quality

When the two brands in question are the calibre of Topo Designs and Danner, you needn’t have any concerns about the quality of the wares on offer but the new pieces from their Fall 2016 collection really go above and beyond the call of duty in the excellence stakes and we’re thoroughly enamoured with them here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at their new pieces below:

Topo Designs X Danner Klettersack


Any adventurer needs a reliable carry on their back to carry their various supplies and pieces of EDC and, to be honest, you’re going to be incredibly hard pressed to find a solution more aesthetically accomplished and well crafted as this collaboration between Topo and Danner. This first rate Klettersack doesn’t just look exceptional, it is just about as robust as they come and won’t be letting you down on any Fall or Winter adventures you’ve got planned over the next few months and beyond.



The Topo Designs X Danner Klettersack is billed as being the ideal adventure companion and will assume the role of pack horse by offering an abundance of storage space to make sure no essentials are left behind when you head out into the wild. This cracking carry from Topo and Danner uses  12oz. duck canvas on the exterior for an added level of robustness and durability and boasts coated pack cloth for a striking lined inner compartment.


Making use of natural Horween® leather lash tabs, which are the ideal solution for carrying extra gear with you or attaching a bike light, for example, it’s clear to see this is one bag that offers both style and versatility. It is a limited edition offering from Topo Designs and Danner and boasts so many great features including metal hardware, a Horween leather base, and a co-branded label. A first rate carry from two superb brands.

Price: $189

Topo Design x Danner Ridge Boot


As investments go when you spend a lot of time hiking the woodland trails or mountains, you’ll not make any better than a good quality pair of hiking boots and these Topo Designs X Danner Ridge Boots are probably amongst the best on the market – both visually and in terms of the performance that they deliver.


The Topo X Danner Ridge Boots boast a modern look but have plenty of nods to a more traditional heritage so will appeal to both viewpoints when it comes to finding the right hiking boots. They offer a Virbram brand sole which provides impressive traction on both wet and dry surfaces and the GOR-TEX liner makes sure that your feet stay dry regardless of the terrains that you find yourself tackling.


Exceptionally well made, these glorious hiking boots from two of our favourite brands at The Coolector are a must for anyone serious about their adventuring and each pair is made with considerable care in the United States. With durable full-grain Horween leather upper and 100d Cordura nylon textile finish alongside a cushioning open-cell polyurethane Ortholite® footbed, you’ll not find a more robust and comfortable solution for your hiking requirements than this.

Price: $380

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