Stephen Kenn Remanufactured Backpack Duffle Bag

We’ve encountered the incredible work of Stephen Kenn before here at Coolector HQ and, it’s safe to say, we most associate him with furniture design but we’re glad to see him branch out into men’s accessories if the awesomeness of this Stephen Kenn Remanufactured Backpack Duffle Bag is anything to go by.

This new series of accessories, monikered the Remanufactured Collection, from Stephen Kenn is impressive to say the least and each piece has been crafted with the scrap military canvas left over from their upholstery processes and then accented with vintage military bag hardware and leather. Recycled and made into something new, it is the Stephen Kenn Remanufactured Backpack Duffle Bag that has really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and it looks the perfect choice for any weekend break.

Vintage Styling

Stephen Kenn has been collecting vintage military duffle bags from the 40’s and 50’s for years now and they’ve, at last, found a way to make use of the stunning vintage hardware and canvas they are made from. They took them apart, piece by piece, and incorporated those pieces into new designs with our scrap upholstery canvas to deliver this mesmerisingly stylish Remanufactured Collection of accessories, of which the Backpack Duffle Bag has most captured our imagination.

Weekender style bags are an essential part of any contemporary man’s carry line up and they won’t come much cooler or more robust than these superb looking Stephen Kenn Remanufactured Backpack Duffle Bags. Functionally equally as functionally as either a backpack or duffle bag, the extra versatility that this affords is much welcomed and it has more than enough storage space for any occasion – whether this be a weekend trip away or merely your commute to work or heading to the gym.

The Stephen Kenn Remanufactured Backpack Duffle Bag has an understated aesthetic and delivers an exceptionally robust performance that’s not going to let you down – even if you’re using this eye-catching carry day in, day out. The backpack shoulder straps can be easily unclipped and put inside the bag when not in use so you can really use it however any particular situation dictates. The materials used are recycled vintage military canvases and a mixture of retro and new hardware to deliver a finished product that looks great and performs even better.

Limited Supply

There is a real exclusive nature to this Remanufactured Collection from Stephen Kenn and each one of the Backpack Duffle Bags will be numbered, completely unique and produced in extremely limited numbers so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen with these cracking carries, we recommend you move quickly to secure one.

As with all the products from Stephen Kenn, an impressive attention to detail has gone into the design and the quality on offer is tangible. Stylish, functional and versatile, these fantastically well made Backpack Duffle Bags from the Stephen Kenn Remanufactured Collection really are second to none.

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