Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket

Typically it probably wouldn’t be a good thing if your clothing were glowing bright green as it would likely mean you’ve been caught in the midst of a nuclear explosion but there are certain exceptions to this rule and the awesome looking Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket is one such example.

The Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket is the latest offering from this first class experimental clothing brand who aren’t afraid to do things differently when it comes to designing amazing pieces of apparel. This superb looking piece of kit has the rather amazing feature of glowing a spectacular luminescent green colour and for anyone looking for a new jacket that has the capacity to really turn heads then this is surely it.

Shining Bright

As the name suggests, the sun is heavily involved in the excellence of this Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket which is lightweight, durable and waterproof and, as you can see, glows the colour of Kryptonite. It is crafted from a highly responsive material that can be charged by exposing it to more or less any light source that you can think of – this can range from the sun in the sky right through to the torch on your smartphone.

The Solar Charged Jacket from Vollebak is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced pieces of apparel that we’ve come across here at Coolector HQ and it really is hard not to be impressed. This spectacular piece of clothing design works by storing up sunlight (or other forms of light) and protects you from the harshest of weather conditions and, most importantly of all, it glows in the dark. This makes it one of the most versatile jackets out there as you can use it day or night for more or less any type of excessive or trip into the wild to illuminate yourself and keep safe and dry.

Functionality positively abounds with the Solar Charged Jacket from Vollebak so whether you’re working out in the dark, traversing your way through woodlands, climbing, riding, or taking a kayak out on the water, it works as a top class, lightweight rain jacket, windbreaker, emergency layer or safety device that will always ensure you’re seen and kept shielded from the elements. The fact it looks so cool certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Long Lasting Glow

When the sun has worked its magic on this super cool piece of apparel from Vollebak, it can glow green for up to 12 hours and the longer you charge it, and the brighter the source which you charge it with, the more energy it will take on board and the longer and more brightly it will glow. The glow is achieved through the use of a special membrane in the material which has been engineered with a phosphorescent compound so it quickly stores any light and re-emits it gradually over the next few hours. This membrane actually acts like it’s alive, taking on sunlight in the same way as a plant and then gradually illuminating as day turns to night.

Vollebak are well versed in creating pieces of apparel that are purpose built to turn heads but this is certainly one of their most impressive and technologically accomplished to date. If you want to make sure you’re always seen when out training at night or enjoying a spot of late night woodland hiking, this is the perfect jacket for the job and we’ll definitely be hoping to get our hands on one of these here at The Coolector.

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