Studio Hardie x Nissan All Electric Workspace

We’re all about our workspaces here at Coolector HQ and finding somewhere conducive to creativity isn’t something that is always straight forward and that’s why we’re always impressed when we come across engaging and innovative workspace ideas such as the excellent Studio Hardie X Nissan All Electric Workspace.

Studio Hardie and Nissan joined forces to create a workspace quite unlike any other we’ve encountered at The Coolector and this superb piece of design and craftsmanship is definitely going to appeal to any regular hot-deskers out there. With more amazing features than you can shake a stick at, this is exactly the sort of mobile workspace that we’re craving and for any other remote workers out there, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

They See Me Rolling

The quality of this Studio Hardie x Nissan All Electric Workspace is plain to see from the outset and it is the first all-electric e-NV200 WORKSPACe – which is essentially a innovative one of a kind machine which delivers a cost-effective workspace solution –  something which is very relevant given the ever-growing number of people looking to work more flexibly or through hot desking options.



You’ll be bowled over with just how well equipped this impressive vehicle is and just some of the amazing features that are to be found on the inside include a hidden coffee machine, wifi, wireless charging technology, well conceived touch screen PC, mini fridge for cracking open a craft beer or two after a hard day and a smartphone lighting system to name but a few. So, as you can see, it’s certainly not found wanting in the features department.



Studio Hardie and Nissan have combined to make the sort of workspace that will leave any office worker jealous and the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into fitting such a versatile and comprehensive work area into what is a fairly small space is something that warrants praise. We’re loving the minimalist design of the space here at Coolector HQ and would definitely love to have a mobile workspace like this at our disposal.

One of a Kind

Lamentably, this clever use of a Nissan vehicle is, of course, not something that they will be rolling out into production but rather a showcase of the available space in the machine. It goes to show though that with a touch of creativity – Studio Hardie have more than a touch – you can create the sort of workspace that will inspire creativity and keep you motivated on a day to day basis.



The Nissan x Studio Hardie All Electric Workspace is an incredible design project that doesn’t just promote remote working but also greener vehicles so it’s a double win in our book at The Coolector. Mighty impressive machine and magnificent design combine to deliver a truly innovative new means of working on a daily basis. We don’t know about you but the ability to drive out into the wild and to a new location everyday is an extremely appealing one.

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