Viking Ship Fire Pit

Though we are sadly lacking in outdoor space here at Coolector HQ, that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t plan for when we do have some room to play with outdoors and, it’s safe to say, this incredible looking Viking Ship Fire Pit from Imagine Metal Art is pretty close to the top of our wish list.


Whilst it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this spiffing piece of design will definitely appeal to enthusiasts of viking culture and finely crafted metal works. The Viking Ship Fire Pit from Imagine Metal Art is hand made and made to order so don’t hold out hopes of getting one to nestle under the Christmas tree but if you put your order in now, your backyard will be rocking one for 2017.

Fire & Ice

We’ve never really had call for a fire pit at Coolector HQ truth be told but, that being said, we’ve never come across one shaped like a Viking Ship before either so maybe its just the case that we hadn’t come across the right one. This aesthetically insurmountable Viking Ship Fire Pit is crafted from made from 18 gage metal and is around 40 inches in length and will throw out an impressive amount of heat when you get the thing up and running.


The brainchild of metal working expert, Trevor McInytre, the Viking Ship Fire Pit is sure to appeal to plenty of men looking for an eye-catching means of heating their outdoor space in 2017 and, somewhat awesomely, you’re able to customise your design and ask for your name or logo to be carved into the sail of the ship which merely serves to add to the appeal still further.

The handmade nature of this fantastic piece of craftsmanship means that no two will be exactly alike and they are superbly well made and finished with aplomb to deliver a fire pit that really is quite out of the ordinary and will add a whole new aesthetic appeal to whatever space you choose to deploy it (we’d probably want it indoors here at Coolector HQ).

Quality Craftsmanship

It’s great to see those who make products for the love of it and that’s something which can definitely be said of these Viking Ship Fire Pits from Imagine Metal Art. There is a real skill involved in manipulating the metal into these eye-catching shapes (the brand creates others like Game of Thrones pits and a particularly impressive LOTR fire pit) and we’re massive fans of their work here at Coolector HQ.


For those of you with an outdoor space that you want to fill with a great piece of craftsmanship which is as awesome as it is functional then you really need look no further than one of these magnificent Viking Ship Fire Pits from Imagine Metal Art. Set sail to an brilliant 2017 with one of these cracking pieces.

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