Studio Kxx Movies Vol 1

Movie artwork is a fascination of ours here at Coolector HQ and whilst it’s clear to see that not as much painstaking detail goes into their creation today (thanks to Photoshop principally), there is still artisans out there capable of crafting genuinely stunning pieces of movie artwork and Studio Kxx and their limited edition series of prints entitled Movies Vol 1 is testament to this very fact.

With some of our favourite, and most iconic, movies being included within this superb series of prints – the likes of Leon, Heat and Blade Runner – there is an awful lot for any movie aficionado to appreciate and if you like these films in particular then you’ll will be just as bowled over as us with these spectacularly detailed prints. Check out a few of the best below:







We’re massive fans of both movies and stylised artwork here at Coolector HQ so this fantastic project from Studio Kxx sates both these appetites wonderfully well. Each of the prints seen above were made for clients of the studio and we’re kicking ourselves that we’ve not commissioned them to do some work if you get something as awesome as this out of it.

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