It goes without saying that with summer right around the corner, most people will be beginning to think about their next BBQ with craft beer and burgers aplenty. If you prefer to seek out new pastures than your backyard for a cookout, you’ll want something a good deal more portable for your cooking requirements and they don’t come much more portable than this BBQ Toolbox from SUCK UK.

The SUCK UK BBQ Toolbox has a price tag of £70 which seems like a small price to pay for such a portable and versatile cooking solution which is just as simple to set up in your own back garden as it is out in the wilderness and it delivers a great cooking experience to boot. A spot of alfresco cooking is at the forefront of our thinking when the weather starts to improve here at Coolector HQ and this cracking bit of kit from SUCK UK is right up our street.

Quality Cooking & Portability

They say the secret to a good quality BBQ is having the right tools for the job so this SUCK UK BBQ Toolbox is already streets ahead of the competition in that respect. The fact it is so simple to set up and return to its portable roots is a highly appealing trait in our opinion here at The Coolector and if, like us, you favour impromptu barbecues at the drop of a hat when the sun suddenly comes out, it is the perfect choice for you as well.

The SUCK UK BBQ Toolbox (£70) might not have all the bells and whistles of a high end BBQ but for those of us that simply want a functional and versatile solution to summer cookouts, it more than fits the bill. It has a design akin to a classic metal toolbox and this means that it effortlessly folds up and comes with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation to the park, beach or into the wild. When unfolded, it reveals a warming rack and storage tray for your extra hot chilli sauce and assorted condiments.

It boasts a whopping 8×15” stainless steel grill area which is more than enough space for most backyard BBQs and regardless of what you’re looking to cook, it won’t let you down. In addition, it has a removable fuel tray for all your charcoal, and an adjustable vent that is used to control the flow of oxygen over the hot coals and cook your food more evenly. Each one is crafted from steel and coated in super high temperature red paint which won’t be damaged during a cookout.

Summer Essential

Chances are that BBQs will be an essential part of most people’s summer thoughts and if that sounds like you and you’re after a great accessory that is ready and waiting whenever the weather is good enough, this SUCK UK BBQ Toolbox is our top pick here at The Coolector. Fantastically well priced at just £70 and offering an unparalleled level of portability, it’s easy to see why this excellent product is flying off the SUCK UK shelves.

BBQs and craft beer are a great combination and wherever you’re planning to hold your next one – be it backyard or beach – this first rate offering from SUCK UK won’t let you down. With a large cooking surface, place for your condiments and a handle for carrying around with ease, this is exactly the sort of BBQ accessory we’ll be getting our hands on in the run up to summer at The Coolector.

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