Tokyo Flash PSI Pressure Gauge Watch

When it comes to bonkers looking timepieces, the guys at Tokyo Flash in Japan have somewhat cornered the market and their latest release looks a little more conventional than many of their offerings (and less bamboozling to actually tell the time). The Tokyo Flash PSI Pressure Gauge Watch is a limited edition offering which has taken its design inspiration from the classic mechanical pressure gauge.

Priced at a mighty reasonable $189, the Tokyo Flash PSI Pressure Gauge Watch is available in a number of different strap and dial colour and material iterations so you’re sure to find the one that matches your own style sensibilities. This bold looking timepiece has a pretty meaty dial that will immediately draw one’s eye to the wrist and it has been designed to look like an instrument for measuring units of pressure, with printed markings on the metallic dial accurately indicate psi on the outer gauge and bar on the inner gauge.

Under Pressure 

The watches from Tokyo Flash are the sort of watches that you’ll likely either love or hate and we’re firmly in the former category here at The Coolector. The ace looking PSI Pressure Gauge Watch is definitely one of their coolest to date and adds a real visual impact to the wrist and has the sort of robustness required for day to day use. Needless to say, of course, the watch doesn’t actually measure pressure but gives you a unique and interesting means of telling the time and will likely be a talking point for anyone who sees it.

Boasting a highly engaging aesthetic, the Tokyo Flash PSI Pressure Gauge Watch ($189) is likely to fly off the shelves and given that it’s a limited edition offering, you’ll need to move quickly if you’ve liked what you’ve seen. This superb looking accessory is affordable enough to be worn on your daily adventures without any concerns and, as with all the watches from Tokyo Flash, it has its own unique way of indicating the time to the wearing.

You just press the button and the needle will start move – imitating a mechanical pressure gauge. The time is displayed using the numbers 0-120 on the outer PSI gauge and t first movement indicates the hour, the second movement indicates the 10 minute group and the third movement indicates single minutes. The needle then returns to 0. It sounds complicated but once you get used to it, you’ll be able to tell the time at a glance.

Creative Design

Whilst this isn’t the first one handed watch we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ, the Tokyo Flash PSI Pressure Gauge is certainly one of the most engaging and unique. It is available with a choice of black or white dial and black or silver stainless steel case, and the PSI is finished with a fully adjustable leather or nylon strap designed to fit both small and large wrists sizes so it offers a pleasingly versatile performance.

The PSI Pressure Gauge Watch from Tokyo Flash is a USB rechargeable watch. You simply need to connect the watch to your computer with the USB cable provided in order to fully recharge it. One full charge will take two hours but once complete, each charge will last for around two months before it requires charging again. This limited edition timepiece won’t be for everyone but we’re big fans here at The Coolector.

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