SuckUK Volcano Dip Bowl

We’re not going to lie, we’re pretty serious about our chips and dips here at Coolector HQ and there are going to be a lot flying around this festive period so you might as well have the coolest looking plating for the job. Well, as far as we can see, you’re going to struggle to find anything better or more striking than this SuckUK Volcano Dip Bowl which will be the perfect depository for your spiciest salsa dips.

The SuckUK Volcano Dip Bowl is cleverly designed to, as the name suggests, resemble a volcano and it will be the centre of attention on any snacks or buffet table this festive period. Comically designed to really catch the eye, this excellent piece of dinnerware costs £35 which is a small price to pay for offering such a striking and humorous home for all of your chips and dips requirements.

Fiery Design

Chips and dip are a mainstay of any snack table and their presentation needn’t be a mundane affair with this awesome looking Volcano Dip Bowl from SuckUK. You can fill up the bowl with any dip and nibbles and it is handmade from porcelain and finished with a clear glaze which ensures that it is always easy to clean after people have been hammering the nachos and salsa dips.

Microwave friendly, which is great for our cheesy nacho loving disposition here at Coolector HQ, the SuckUK Volcano Dip Bowl is a mighty versatile creation that will meet all your snacking requirements with aplomb. If you’re penchant for cheese is as strong as ours, you’re going to be filling the volcano with an abundant amount of it and turning it into a molten lava in the microwave before enjoying it with your favourite chips or some warm bread. Can’t go wrong.

For those who are regular hosts of parties and need the requisite snack accessories to make these go off with a bang, this excellent looking Volcano Dip Bowl from SuckUK is sure to fit the bill rather nicely. With a painted design from artist, Nick Lerwill, this cracking piece of crockery is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and regardless of whether you fill the volcano with melted cheese, salsa, humous or sour cream, it’s always going to be a focal point of the buffet table.

Snack Sensation

Any bowl that helps us chow down on the deliciousness that is chips and dips or nachos is alright in our book and this brilliant Volcano Dip Bowl from SuckUK is better than most. Great to look at and wonderfully crafted, this first rate piece of porcelain is going to ramp up the style of your Christmas and New Year’s parties.

If you find yourself in need of a new salsa receptacle and prefer things a little out of the ordinary, this Volcano Dip Bowl is going to be ticking all of the right boxes. Priced at a mighty reasonable £35, there is plenty of versatility to this piece and you’ll be able to use it for serving all sorts of delicious snack creations.

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