Super73 S1 Universal Electric Motorbike

There are certainly no shortage of electric motorbikes to choose from nowadays but there are some brands that are a cut above the competition and you can certainly count Super73 as sitting at the top table in this regard. It’s because of fantastic looking and impeccable performing machines like the S1 Universal Electric Motorbike that Super73 have garnered this lofty reputation and if you’re thinking of hopping on the electric motorbike bandwagon in 2020, this would definitely be a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ.

The Super73 S1 Universal Electric Motorbike is one of the coolest looking bikes on the market for starters with its old school cool vibes that it exudes but it backs up these cool aesthetics with an unparalleled performance as well. With a price tag of $2200, it’s a great value for money offering that will be perfect for all your urban and backcountry adventures in 2020 and beyond and it comes in a few different colours so you can pick the one that resonates most with you.

Electrifying Performance

Super73 have really set themselves apart in the highly competitive electric bike industry and it’s on the back of excellent releases like the S1 Universal Electric Motorbike that they’ve accomplished this. Billed as the ultimate around-town bike that uses a highly efficient battery to deliver a seamless, easy ride every time you fire it up, it’s not difficult to see why this has been one of Super73’s most popular releases to date.

The Super73 S1 Universal Electric Motorbike ($2200) lets you accelerate smoothly up to an impressive top speed of 20mph which is more than sufficient for all your urban rides and adventures. Those people who own a Super73 e-bike are part of a small group of people who actually enjoy their commute to and from work because it is such fun atop this awesome looking steed. The minimalist, retro-inspired S1 provides the look and feel of a motorcycle but with the high-tech operational power of a high-end electric bike so it really is the best of both worlds in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Boasting a battery life which will last anywhere between 35 – 45 miles depending on the elevation you’re riding and other factors, the S1 Universal Electric Bike will keep you going all day long for urban exploration. It has fully operational headlights and back brake lights and it all ships in one box, with hardly any assembly required – the handles and pedals simply need to be screwed in place and you’re good to go.

Robust Performance

The Super73 S1 Universal Electric Motorbike has an extremely robust stainless steel frame which has been hand-welded in California to exacting standards and the oversized vinyl seat is just about as comfortable as it gets and will not let you down on long or short rides. It is lightweight and easy to handle and includes a back handle for easy manoeuvring and lifting.

If your battery happens to run out during a ride, fear not, as the Super73 S1 Universal will work like a traditional bike in this circumstance. The heavy duty tires and wheels provide extra protection and cushion on bumpy roads and you simply need to plug it into an electrical outlet overnight to keep this bad boy charged. Simplicity personified.

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