Hard Graft Game Gym Bag

Plenty of people will likely be in the midst of a new year’s get fit regime and, if you’re heading to the gym a lot over the next few months, now is the time to invest in a quality gym bag to keep the motivation going and ensure you’ve always got your kit close to hand when you need it. Our pick at The Coolector would be this superb looking Hard Graft Game Gym Bag which comes in a stealthy black colourway and is positively dripping in quality.

The Hard Graft Game Gym Bag has a pretty eye-watering price tag of €450 but the quality really is second to none and it will be the sort of heritage accessory that you’ll be using for many years to come. As with all the products from Hard Graft, the Game Gym Bag is timeless, exceptionally well-made and versatile in performance. If you regularly frequent the gym and want a bag to set you apart, this is going to fit the bill.

Functionality & Style

With a great looking, vintage style aesthetic, this Game Gym Bag from Hard Graft has been designed with a fitness lifestyle in mind but it is versatile enough to be used for all sorts of scenarios such as weekend breaks and commuting to work. The tactile quality of this carry has left us impressed at Coolector HQ and such is its impressive visual impact that you’ll want to show it off as often as possible which will help convince you to go to the gym more often.

The Hard Graft Game Gym Bag (€450) is crafted from black coated canvas and boasts fixed leather straps alongside leather finished zippers which have all been sourced from top quality Italian suppliers and turned into this wonderfully functional and attractive gym bag by Hard Graft’s team of artisans. It has more than enough storage space to cater to all your gym equipment and you’ll be able to use it just as easily for a weekend break away.

Tangible quality is the call of the day with the Hard Graft Game Gym Bag and its stealthy aesthetic makes it the sort of versatile carry that you can use for any occasion. The bag measures 47 X 22 X 29 CM (18.5”x 9″x 12”) and is as flexible as you. It is both collapsable and expandable which adds an extra dimension to its versatile performance. It has a deep outside zip pocket and three inside pockets (two small, one large) which are ideally suited to all your EDC when you head to the gym. It is lined with dark melange grey wool blend.

Heritage Quality

It’s heartening to see brands like Hard Graft who focus on crafting the sort of wares that are built to last a lifetime. The antithesis of fast fashion, products like this Game Gym Bag from Hard Graft are going to be your go-to accessory day in day out and instead of diminishing with time actually get better the more often you use it.

The Hard Graft Game Gym Bag doesn’t come cheap of course with its €450 price tag but when you factor in that it has the sort of quality that lasts a lifetime, this becomes much more manageable. Hard Graft’s leathergoods, clothing and footwear are all made in Italy from locally sourced Italian and European materials.

Leo Davie