Superhero Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics in Sochi has now drawn to a close but all that means is that its now the superhero’s turn to have a bash at the skeleton bob, luge and ski jump – or at least that’s what these spiffing illustrations from much loved graphic artist, Francesco Francavilla, would have us believe.

Boasting a fantastically retro feel, these superb illustrations capture the likes of Batman, Wolverine, the Silver Surfer and various other superheroes in the act of some of the most recognisable Winter Olympic events – sadly, the Hulk doing curling didn’t seem to make the cut.

Francesco Francavilla is definitely one of our favourite illustrators here at Coolector headquarters and he’s featured on our pages before but these superb Winter Olympics illustrations are our favourites to date but we can’t wait to see what else stems from the talented chap’s hands in the rest of 2014.

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