Surface Tension Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table

When looking for new pieces of furniture, particularly of the coffee table variety, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more awesome than this Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table from Surface Tension if you’ve got an affinity for all things retro and a video gaming mindset. This fantastic looking piece of designer furniture will add a whole new level of old school cool to your living room and delivers some of the best classic video games for you to enjoy.

The Surface Tension Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table is billed as the mother of all coffee tables and it boasts an amazing hands-on audio-visual experience that lovers of classic video games and midcentury style are going to appreciate. This first class piece of design has a real wood frame – in your choice of solid walnut, solid oak or birch ply – and this is expertly finished off with gloss black side panels.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship Quality

Expertly crafted by excellent cabinetmakers, these Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table from Surface Tension will let you hark back to your youth playing some of the best retro classics or, if you’d prefer, install your own favourites and you can even login into Steam to play some great retro-reboots or indie titles so you’ll never be short of entertainment options if this is the coffee table in your living room.

The Surface Tension Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table will become the focal point of your living room, and can play music from your networked library or online services such as Spotify and Napster. Alternatively, you can plug in the HDMI cable and get connected to leading video services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies or YouTube so if you ever grow tired of playing your favourite retro video games (if that’s possible) then there will be plenty of other things to see and do with this cracking piece of furniture.

With a control panel that provides everything you need to enjoy your retro classics, this superb piece of furniture from Surface Tension has authentic arcade joysticks with access to switch between 4 and 8 players, so that you can play awesome offerings like Pacman and 1942 (a real Coolector HQ favourite) without any compromise. With genuine arcade style buttons, crafted to take a uncompromising thrashing from epic games like Track & Field. Alongside these, you’ll find an illuminated trackball for classic games like Missile Command and Crystal Castles – so, regardless of the games that you love, this ace table will ensure you can play them in style.

Sounds Good

Part of the enjoyment of old school video games was their instantly recognisable sound effects and music and with this brilliant offering from Surface Tension uses a discreet sound system will not only let you hear every punch, munch and zap. Measuring 1.2m in length, it has plenty of surface area to double as a fully functioning coffee table when not be used to play PacMan, 1942, Gauntlet, Missile Command et al.

We’re big fans of old school video games at Coolector HQ so this phenomenal piece of design was always going to resonate with our sensibilities. Whilst not the first table of its kind, this Nucleus Arcade Coffee Table is definitely one of the coolest looking we’ve encountered and has a real impressive visual impact and versatility with the games and video functions on offer to really set it apart from the competition.

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