Ketzal Bags

When heading out on off roading adventures in search of adventure, you’re going to need two things, a car that can handle the job and something that can keep all your gear in check for the journey. You’re on your own for the first thing but in terms of keeping your various gear in order for any adventure, you’ll definitely not go too far wrong with these awesome looking Ketsal Bags which are purpose built for adventure.

Billed as the Swiss Army Knife of backseat organisers, these Ketzal Bags are handmade by incredibly skilled artisans from 100% genuine leather and heavy-duty waxed polyester double stitching for the sort of durability and robustness that is essential for any outdoor adventure. Incredibly functional and versatile, these bags are made specifically for different adventure vehicles such as Land Rover Defenders and Jeep Wranglers so no matter what type of adventure vehicle you’ve got, there will be a Ketzal Bag to match.

Adventure Ready

We love the thought of hitting off-roading trails in search of adventures here at Coolector HQ and there’s little doubting that these Ketzal Bags are the perfect ally so far as keeping your kit ordered is concerned. With a real desire to deliver a functional, exceptionally well made product, Ketzal set about planning and crafting their eye-catching and wonderfully robust series of bags that are built to last and have an impressive amount of storage for an abundance of adventure gear.

Ketzal Bags are the brainchild of Miles Solomon and he originally started making these supremely functional bits of kit mainly for VW vans but it soon became apparent there was a pretty big market for them to be customised to other adventure ready vehicles such as the aforementioned Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Tacoma and Mercedes Sprinter and regardless of the vehicle you were looking to get kitted out, Ketzal are sure to have a bag to match.

Inspired from an adventure from California to Patagonia, these Ketzal Bags were born from necessity and the requirement to know where all your essential kit was at all times and having it at arms reach throughout. These expertly crafted, Swiss Army Knives of backseat organisers from Ketzal is designed to be to be beautiful, rugged, and minimalistic and each one is handcrafted by a team of well-paid artisans in one of Ketzal’s workshops in Guatemala or Colombia.

Magnificent Materials

It’s important that products that are made for adventure are crafted from resilient and robust materials and that’s certainly something which can be applied to these superb looking Ketzal Bags. Available in a number of different colours and styles to match your own personal design preferences and vehicle type, these Ketzal Bags are made from 100% genuine leather and deliver a tangible sense of quality and a striking visual impact to the back seat of your adventure vehicle.

Extremely easy to instal, these Ketzal Bags are connected through three attachment points to the seat which make sure it doesn’t sag or swing while you’re in motion. It has two metal rings, which you slide the head rest through and which support the bag at the top. Additionally, there’s an optional elastic band which has been designed to hold it tight during off-road use without interfering with comfort. So, if you love your off-road adventures and want a means of stowing your gear which won’t let you down, look no further than Ketzal Bags.

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