Swiss Audio Personalised HiFi Wireless Earbuds

Headphones are a very subjective thing for most people from both a style and performance point of view with some preferring over-ear iterations and others gravitating towards in-ear styles. If you find yourself firmly in the latter category, there is an accessory on Kickstarter right now by the name of Swiss Audio Personalised HiFi Wireless Earbuds that you’re going to want to sit up and take notice of because, chances are, they will be right up your street.

The Swiss Audio Personalised HiFi Wireless Earbuds are billed as the first piece of technology of this type that offers the ultimate in personalised HiFi sound with the intention of completely matching your exact hearing profile. It achieves this level of performance through a patented Swiss Audio algorithm and equaliser which are capable of compensating and correcting any hearing imperfection in selected frequencies to deliver a sound quality that is beyond compare.

Towering Technology

As you would expect from a Swiss brand, the quality and precision of the tech on offer with these Swiss Audio Personalised HiFi Wireless Earbuds is second to none and there are a whole host of features that will likely compel you to choose them for your next audio piece of kit. Just some of the more stand out features with this cracking piece of kit include the ability to customise your sound to your own personal hearing experience, premium HiFi sound quality, perfect ergonomic fit and supreme comfort and a highly intuitive companion app to work alongside your earbuds to add to the whole customisation experience.

The Swiss Audio Personalised HiFi Wireless Earbuds let you listen to your favourite tunes in the way the recording artists intended and you’ll hear whole new levels of detail that simply wasn’t possible before. Knowing that everybody’s ears and listening abilities are different, Swiss Audio created an Audiology Test as part of their excellent looking companion app. The Audiology Test takes just a few minutes to complete and you then have your unique hearing sound profile which makes sure you’re hearing the music exactly as you like it.

Sound quality is, needless to say, an important part of choosing your audio equipment and you’ll not be disappointed with what’s on offer with these Swiss Audio Personalised HiFi Wireless Earbuds. They have a unique sound signature with powerful basses and crystalline highs. They have successfully reached a perfect frequency response by making use of the best-in-class balanced armature speaker alongside high performance electronics to deliver the ultimate in listening experiences.

Perfect Fit

Ears come in all shapes and sizes, of course, so finding earbuds that suit them all is no mean feat but that’s an area in which this offering from Swiss Audio positively excels. By using a mix between the ear physiology theory, hundreds of molded ears prototypes and, all importantly, the professional experience of our audiologist experts, they have managed to design their Earbuds to fit securely and comfortably in every ear type, providing you the unlimited freedom of movement that is essential when listening to your music on the go.

Taking Kickstarter by storm and already far exceeding their funding target showcases the demand for technologically accomplished earbuds like these from Swiss Audio and, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you need to head on over to Kickstarter now and pick up your own pair for a bargain price.

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