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When it comes to shouting from the rooftops about your wares or adding a touch of vibrancy and pizazz to your home or office, there are few better candidates for the job than a neon sign and no better proponents of this than the guys at Neon MFG who boast a stellar line up of signs to choose from or, if you’d prefer, you can go to them with a custom design of your own creation but regardless of which you choose, you’ll be getting a top class neon sign at the end of it.

Neon MFG are making waves within the industry because they are doing a fantastic job of showing that super cool neon signs don’t need to cost the earth and for those of us that want to get a striking piece of neon in our homes without spending an arm and a leg, they should definitely be your first port of call. Their goal is to provide the most comprehensive selection of cool, unique, and interesting neon signs and art available anywhere in the World and, from what we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ, they’re doing a pretty bang up job.

Neon Perfection

The quality of the signs from Neon MFG is plain to see and each one that they produce is hand made by experienced craftsmen using the highest quality materials available which means you’re going to be left thoroughly impressed with the end result whether you go for a custom design or one of their many excellent pre-existing ones. They specialise in delivering eye-catching and impeccably crafted neon pieces with versatile contour cut backings that give the sign a clean, minimalist and high-end finish you’re going to love.

Neon MFG have rapidly risen to the top table of the neon sign game for regular consumers because they really do offer exceptional products for affordable prices and this is something that we can all appreciate. The fact that there are so many different signs to choose from (not to mention the fact you are only limited by your own imagination as they can craft any word, name, phrase, or image into a stunning neon sign as part of their custom offering) really is the icing on the cake and we’re loving their cracking range of signs here at The Coolector.

Adding more than a touch of aesthetic flair to any room or workspace, these brilliant signs from Neon MFG are right up our street here at Coolector HQ and with great ones to choose from such as pizzas, skulls, flying pigs and cactus for your desktop and ‘who dares wins’, ‘hustle’, ‘let’s get weird’ and ‘dream big’ hanging signs, you’ll certainly not be short of options in finding the perfect one for your home or office.

Classy Customs

It is with their super cool custom designs (of which we have our own here at The Coolector that will be making an appearance on Instagram soon enough) that Neon MFG truly excel themselves and the capacity to have your own design made into a neon sign for an affordable price is something that consumers have been waiting a long time for and now, courtesy of this top notch US brand, have at our fingertips.

For anyone looking to ramp up the cool in their own interior design endeavours, a neon sign might just be the ideal means for achieving it and if you want to get your hands on an expertly crafted one without paying exorbitant prices, then the brand you should have at the forefront of your thinking goes by the name of Neon MFG.

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