DONE Swiss Automatic Watches

Watches are something that we’re pretty obsessed with here at Coolector HQ and we’re always hunting for new brands and watchmakers to add to our wrists and, for this, Kickstarter has often been one of our greatest allies as it always has a veritable hotbed of awesome timepieces to be appreciate. So it has proven once again with these glorious looking Swiss Automatic Watches from DONE Watches which are funding on the crowdfunding platform right now and are amongst the most dapper we’ve seen of late.

The beauty of these DONE Swiss Automatic Watches on Kickstarter lies in their understated elegance and we’re loving the minimalist vibes that it exudes. During the crowdfunding campaign, there are an impressive haul of ten styles to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to find an aesthetic that matches your own sense of style. Available for as little as £330 during the Kickstarter, these watches represent excellent value for money and we’ll not be surprised if they become one of the most successful campaigns for timepieces on the platform.

Minimalist Swiss Style

Building upon the success of their 2016 campaign on Kickstarter, DONE Watches are back again and have delivered what their customers have asked for in the shape of a series of automatic watches that look effortlessly cool but don’t break the bank. In this collection, there is six new automatic watches designed for men and four for women. DONE Watches are able to keep their prices low by cutting out the middle man and delivering direct to the consumers without the dreaded mark-up that is so prevalent in the world of watchmaking and it’s great that you can get your hands on timepieces as attractive as these for under £500.

These Automatic Swiss Watches from DONE on Kickstarter effortlessly combines striking modernity and tradition in a subtle combination of sobriety, elegance and technical performance. It is the goal of DONE Watches to not only create a stylish and aesthetically superior watch, but also to create a concept and an emotion generator that will turn heads aplenty everywhere you go. Every new model has a proper personality and will add a touch of visual flair to your outfit but without being an ostentatious addition to your wrist.

Filled with first class features throughout, it’s hard to believe you can get these DONE Swiss Automatic Watches on your wrist for as little as £330. Some of the stand out components of the design include 316L stainless steel casing for a excellent resilience, a 10ATM water resistance which will be more than enough for all your underwater adventures, Italian leather straps, domed sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both side and a fantastic Swiss made movement which is exceptionally reliable and offers a superb performance day in, day out.

A Matter of Movement

It is the fact that this is a Swiss made watches with a Swiss movement that makes its affordability so impressive. These DONE Watches on Kickstarter boast either the SELLITA SW200 movement or the SW400 to run these automatic watches. These movements are precise work horses which have been developed and crafted in Switzerland and are, of course, Swiss Made Certified so you can rest assured they are going to deliver a quality performance.

We’re loving the look and feel (and the price) of these DONE Swiss Made Watches on Kickstarter and it’s great that they are able to keep the prices so affordable by cutting out the middle men and delivering their exemplary timepieces straight to the consumer. With plenty of different styles to choose from and metal, fabric or leather straps available, you’ll not find many more versatile offerings than this out there so make sure you head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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