Love Hulten R-Kaid-R SK-4

Whenever we need our fix of retro inspired awesomeness here at Coolector HQ, we invariably head over to the Love Hulten site and he invariably doesn’t let us down as he normally has a new vintage style piece of tech awesomeness for us to appreciate and so it has proved once again with the excellent looking Love Hulten R-Kaid-R SK-4 which has a striking design aesthetic and a sleek finish to boot. It’s hard not to be impressed with the incredible handiwork of Love Hulten who manages to capture a generation in the look and feel of his products and this one in particular is resonating with us here at The Coolector.

The Love Hulten R-Kaid-R SK-4 is another addition to the Swedish industrial designer’s line up of arcade machines with a distinct 80s vibe but there are a variety of nuanced design features to be pored over and which add to the highly impressive creation’s appeal. This piece is heavily influenced by the work of the iconic industrial designer, Dieter Rams, who was recruited by Braun in 1955 and worked as chief design officer there between 61-95 and some of his designs have gone down in legend and serves as the inspiration for this Love Hulten R-Kaid-R SK-4.

Icon Inspired

Dieter Rams developed the “Ten principles for good design” and created memorable consumer products like the SK4, TP1 and T3. His very functionalistic and timeless approach to design inspired many and formed the basis of “good” design. It is these principles which have informed the creation of the Love Hulten R-Kaid-R SK-4 which is one of the most understated and minimalistic releases from this much championed Swedish designer and it is probably one of our favourite looking to date here at Coolector HQ.

The R-Kaid-R SK-4 from Love Hulten is his personal tribute to Rams and his “Less-is-more” approach to design – something which shines through in the simple but brutally effective aesthetic of this top notch arcade offering. This solid wood folding console is based on Hulténs former arcade device R-Kaid-R, and can store over 10,000 emulated games so you’ll certainly have no shortage of options when playing games on the go with this wonderfully vintage looking bit of kit from Love Hulten.

Designed to offer a highly versatile performance, the R-Kaid-R SK-4 from Love Hulten allows you to add your own favourite games through USB and create a personal game library that will be unique to you and consist of all the classics from your childhood that you’ll be able to enjoy on the go with this highly portable bit of kit. The R-Kaid-R SK-4 device provides over 10 hours of gaming per charge so it will more than have you covered for a commute to work or longer road trip where you want to be able to play your favourite retro games until your heart’s content.

Old School Cool

All of the creations from Love Hulten are dripping in vintage vibes but there is a particular old school cool aesthetic to this R-Kaid-R SK-4 offering courtesy of the inspiration it has drawn from Dieter Rams. The quality of the finish is, as always, second to none and the fact it has capacity for 10,000 games, you’ll never run out of options of a game to play when you’re on that road trip adventure or camping out in the wild and the 10 hour battery life is thoroughly impressive as well.

We love all the pieces that Love Hulten creates but we do have a particular soft spot for those geared around gaming in the 80s and 90s when we were in our pomp and that is something that this R-Kaid-R SK-4 delivers in spades. It has everything we’ve come to expect from this uber talented industrial designer and much more besides.

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