Syndicate Original T-Shirts

Ukrainian fashion, as far as I’m aware, isn’t on a pair with the likes of Milan, Paris and London but, for fans of exceptional T-shirts at least, the Ukraine may be about to put itself on the map with these top-notch tees from Ukrainian brand, Syndicate Original. Whilst these brilliant t-shirts take their inspiration from American heritage for the most part, there is no escaping the other elements that infuse these garments – most notably, according to the designers themselves and, erm, my eyes – a minimalist, Scandanivian style aesthetic.

Syndicate Original have collaborated with a number of different designers, illustators and artists to come up with the great t-shirts you can witness above (which is a mere selection of The Coolector’s favourites – not their entire offering) and many of the T-shirts that they produce are limited edition and, in my humble opinion, rather awesome (with a particular favourite being their spiffing Gentleman’s Kit T-shirt).

The good news just keeps on coming so far as Syndicate tees are concerned because they put the extra effort into their production – shying away from mass-production and, instead, preferring to create them in their own workshop, using traditional handicraft methods with an unparalleled attention to detail and each T-shirt is hand-cut to provide a truly impressive finish.

If you want to do your part to make Ukrainian fashion more mainstream, head on over to Syndicate Original.

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