Tait Design Co B-24 Airplane

We don’t know about you but we were pretty big fans of the little model airplanes that you could quickly put together as a kid and enjoy hours of fun with here at Coolector HQ but, safe to say, we’ve not really encountered a suitable replacement in adulthood. Well, that has just changed now we’ve come across the brilliant looking B-24 Airplane from Tait Design Co.

Tait Design Co is a workshop that has been on our radar for years now here at The Coolector and we’re always interested to see what new products the creation talent behind the studio, Matthew Tait, comes up with and the B-24 Airplane is one of our favourites of his for sure and we’re sure there will be plenty of other aviation enthusiasts out there equally as enamoured as us.

Take to the Skies

This fantastic piece of design from Matthew Tait is a celebration of American ingenuity, homegrown Michigan manufacturing, and equal opportunity for women. The B-24 Bomber played an integral role during World War II for the Allies and this magnificently put together balsa wood model is a striking and super cool recognition of that very fact.

Between 1941 and 1945, a total of 8,685 of the B-24 Bombers made at the Michigan Willow Run Plant. The first aircrafts to be manufactured on an assembly line, something that permitted  the 42,000 predominantly female workers to create them at the astounding rate of one every hour.

One of the first jobs in America that delivered equal pay for women, there is a lot to be thankful for with the B-24 Bomber and it really is an aviation iconic worthy of remembering. The Tait Design Co model aims to salute those who served during WWII and it is a well-crafted and wonderfully designed recreation of an aviation classic.

Great Design

Lightweight courtesy of the balsa wood, this B-24 model from Tait Design Co are hand screen printed and assembled one by one by hand in Detroit, MI and using materials which have been sourced within the USA. Boasting a 20 inch wingspan, it’s an impressive sight when fully constructed and will make a great addition to any aviation enthusiast’s workspace.

We’re always checking back in with our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ and Tait Design Co can certainly count themselves within that bracket and it is first rate pieces of design like this superb B-24 Airplane, crafted from balsa and made in the USA that really set the brand apart. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2017.

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