Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving

Shelves are unquestionably amongst the most important pieces of furniture for any home or office because, let’s face it, they help keep all the bits and pieces we can’t find space for out of the way but that doesn’t mean to say they can’t look awesome whilst doing it and that’s something that has been admirably illustrated by this superb Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving solution.

Tanner Goods are no strangers to the pages of The Coolector but this is the first piece of furniture that we’ve featured from the first class American brand and, quite frankly, it’s one of the finest pieces of design we’ve seen in a while so it was definitely worth the wait. The Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving is a modern storage solution that is not only adaptive but also highly versatile and built for the long haul. And we love it.

Superb Functionality, Eye-Catching Aesthetics

The quality of the Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving immediately draws the eye and for those of you that favour well-made, vintage looking pieces of designer furniture for your home, these will certainly tick all of the right boxes and, courtesy of their modular nature, you can deploy them in a whole host of ways that best suits your requirements.

The Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving is crafted from high quality hardwoods and top spec aluminium and steel components which have been manufactured in the USA and it takes the classic mid-century extruded rail system that step further to deliver a shelving unit that excels in both form and function.

Extremely adaptable, efficient and easy to install, the Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelving has got a lot going for it for those with a love of interior and furniture design and for those seeking stylish, functional storage for their home, we can think of few better candidates for the job than this. Adopting timeless design principles has served this fantastic piece of designer furniture from Tanner Goods well and it will look just as fitting in modern or traditional style properties.

Simple But Effective Design

We appreciate design that isn’t unnecessarily complicated here at Coolector HQ and these superb Tanner Goods Tekio Modular Shelves certainly falls into that bracket. If you’re looking for a means of ramping up the aesthetic appeal of your property and some additional storage space, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone with this clever piece of design from Tanner Goods.

Made in the USA from the finest quality components, this cracking modular shelving solution capitalises upon the best elements of both mass production and handmade craftsmanship and couples this with Tanner Goods’ belief that thoughtful details make all the difference to the finished product.

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