Taylor Stitch Warm Weather Collection

If you’re in the midst of a heatwave, as we currently find ourselves in here at Coolector HQ, chances are you’ll also be scouring the internet in search of clothing that is suited to the warmer months and, as always, one of our first ports of call when on the hunt for new apparel is that of Taylor Stitch. Happy to report that they’ve delivered the goods once again with their superb Warm Weather Collection that is ideally suited to the current climes and built for adventure so it won’t let you down whatever you’ve got planned this summer.

Take a look at a few of the best bits from this spiffing series of apparel from Taylor Stitch below:

Heavy Bag Tee

It goes without saying that a quality T-shirt will be the cornerstone of your summer wardrobe and they don’t come much better than the Heavy Bag Tee from Taylor Stitch. This cracking piece of apparel utilises upcycled and recycled yarns, which are shredded and respun. This is important because it makes the Heavy Bag T-Shirt the first truly waterless fabric and, better still, it emits only trace amounts of CO2. Incredibly, this T-shirt would use about 1000 gallons of water if it were made using traditional methods so it doesn’t just look great, it’s environmentally friendly too. Win, win.

Price: $38

Myles Momentum Shorts

Like T-shirts, shorts are also an essential part of your summer wardrobe and if you’re the sort that likes to remain active despite the sapping heats, Taylor Stitch have got just the pair of shorts for you with these durable and stylish Myles Momentum Shorts. Incredibly lightweight, weighing less than an empty water bottle, these super cool shorts are crafted from an ultra quick-drying four-way stretch fabric, robust water repellent treatment, and a stylish, matte finish that looks great and feels even better to deliver unparalleled comfort and performance.

Price: $58

Huntington Middie Slip On

Teaming up with the guys at Seavees, Taylor Stitch have come up with these awesome looking, and perfect for summer, Huntington Middie Slip Ons and they take their name from the date in 1964 when Surf Guide covered the U.S. Surfboard Championships in Huntington Beach, CA. Stylish, functional and lightweight, they are perfect summer footwear fodder for everyday use when the sun is beating down.

Price: $109

Short Sleeve Bandit Shirt

For those occasions when you need to class things up a bit but it’s still frightfully hot, you’ll find the Bandit Short Sleeve Shirt from Taylor Stitch the perfect fit for these requirements. It’s a light and breezy solution that is understated and stylish at the same time and is suitable for days at the beach or pool but, importantly, won’t look out of place in the restaurant or bar in the evening. Crafted from a linen-cotton blend that keeps things cool when the temperatures are soaring out of control this summer. Lightweight and stylish, a brilliant all-rounder for your summer wardrobe.

Price: $98

The Beach Jacket

Even in the warmer summer months, there can be a chill in the air by the ocean so it’s a good idea to get your hands on a lightweight jacket for these occasions and the Beach Jacket from Taylor Stitch ticks all the right boxes in this regard. Crafted from custom dry waxed canvas and made in conjunction with Halley Stevenson, the oldest provider of wax fabrics in the UK, the quality is plain to see with this jacket and it’s fantastic at keeping the elements at bay but also light enough to ensure it won’t leave you sweltering in the summer heat.

Price: $168
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