Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers

For those of you for whom interior design is an important consideration when choosing new pieces of tech for your home, the area of audio devices can often be a tricky one to navigate in terms of finding something to fit in with your aesthetic endeavours. Well, no longer will this be the case courtesy of these rather magnificent looking Moonraker Speakers from the guys at Bossa Sound as you’re unlikely to come across a more visually impactful and stylish means of distributing your favourite tunes throughout your home.

Bossa Sound are a California based designer and manufacturer of loudspeakers who really do put quality at the front and centre of everything that they do and this is entirely evident with their striking and stylish Moonraker Speakers. They strive to craft sophisticated, unique products which are simple to integrate with your interior design aesthetic and inspire a real passion for music. Put simply, if you love great design and technology, these are the speakers for you.

Elegant Design, Technologically Accomplished

Boasting nigh on 100 years of combined engineering experience, the Bossa Sound development team knows how to deliver sophisticated design approaches which are built upon the back of contemporary psycho-acoustic research and provide a sound quality that is unparalleled. With the Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers, a real attention to detail is applied to the reducing of resonances and the radiation pattern of the design and this is responsible for providing such an impeccable sound performance in the finished product.

The Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers are each hand assembled in California and make use of a large proportion of locally sourced components in their crafting. The speaker cabinets, legs, circuit boards and packaging materials are all manufactured locally and this is something which we certainly applaud here at Coolector HQ. This amazing piece of audio apparatus is a wireless speaker system that is capable of supplying pristine sound quality in a highly stylish package unlike any other speakers on the market.

The Moonraker’s understated and minimalist design aesthetic superbly works alongside your own interior design without ever compromising sound quality for visual superiority – it really is the best of both worlds. With a clear inspiration from mid-century designs, this eye-catching audio system is perfect for those who are passionate about design and don’t want to settle when it comes to choosing the right speaker system for their home.

Performance Meets Style

It’s all well and good have an audio system that looks as good as the Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers but if it does deliver where it counts, in the audio department, then it will all be for nothing. You’re be glad to hear this cracking system doesn’t disappoint here and has a curved polymer shell that has been thoughtfully designed to reduce resonances and diffraction. The end result of this is a loudspeaker with breathtaking imaging qualities and a stunning lack of harshness in the sound.

As it’s the 21st century, it also includes plenty of connectivity despite its obvious mid-century roots and the Bossa Sound Moonraker works alongside both your wired and wireless devices courtesy of Bluetooth technology and wired optical and coaxial digital inputs work with televisions and other wired digital audio devices. A spectacularly stylish and technologically superior device ideal for those homeowners looking to maintain a minimalist and understated aesthetic with their choice of audio system.

Price: $2399+

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