In the dawn of smartphones, checking the weather is now no more than a tap of a button away but where’s the fun in that? Wouldn’t you much rather have something residing on your side table that gives you a visual representation of what the weather is going to do? Well, we would and you should too. Say hello to Temposcope, an ambient weather display for your home which, somewhat brilliantly, can actually show you what the weather is going to do.

Permit us to explain – the Temposcope is a small case with a see-through outer than can visualise various weather conditions like rain, clouds and lightning and will show you what to expect with tomorrow’s weather by downloading reports from the internet and showing the results in the Temposcope case. The creation of software engineer, Ken Kawamoto, the Temposcope isn’t revolutionary of course but for those of us who love to surround ourselves with cool little gadgets, it’s definitely a winner. Check out a few more shots below:




If you see yourself as an amateur weatherman and want something cool to back up this obsession, the Temposcope is a pretty solid candidate for the role. This clever little bit of kit isn’t overly complex or even that useful but its a great talking point and one that looks great whilst doing it.

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