Smartwatch B

Smartwatches are something that are only going to get more and more popular as more and more brands throw their hats into the ring and try and compete with Apple and whilst there are already some pretty impressive pretenders to the throne, it is often the concept watches that look the most appealing and so it has proven to be again with Smartwatch B from Hong Kong based designer, Andrea Ponti.

Designed for a premium electronic vehicle company, Ponti has embraced the fact that more and more car companies are beginning to embrace smart technology and his design takes its design lead from the sort of tech that today’s gadget savvy car owner would be happy to wear. With the intention of creating an unprecedented level of connectivity between the car and its owner, Smartwatch B is designed to be capable of monitoring the driver’s physical condition and the car will respond accordingly to the results provided. Take a look at a few more concept shots of the stunning looking accessory below:




We’re massive fans of the stealthy looking aesthetic of Smartwatch B and can very much see it on the wrist of luxury car owners the world over. It doesn’t just monitor the wearer’s condition of course, it is also designed to provide diagnostic details about the vehicle such as battery levels and it has an extremely stylish, understated interface which unquestionably appeals. Though it is merely a concept at present, we’ve got high hopes that Ponti manages to peddle his wares to some luxury car makers sooner rather than later.

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