Tempus CRT1 Electric Bike

Bikes come in all shapes, sizes and styles but finding one that genuinely matches your own way of thinking and aesthetic tastes isn’t always a straightforward process. Every now and then, however, something comes along that hits the nail on the head from both a visual and performance perspective and, for us here at Coolector HQ, the Tempus CRT1 Electric Bike is a fine example of this.


The Tempus CRT1 Electric Bike has been designed and crafted in Canada and takes its design inspiration from a vintage cafe racer motorbike – a fact that immediately makes it appeal to us – but it is the quality of the craftsmanship and the exceptional performance that it delivers that will truly make this magnificent looking contraption an instant classic in our eyes.

Born to Ride

Wherever you look with the construction of the Tempus CRT1 Electric Bike there are mighty impressive specifications that will make you want to make this your next ride. Some of the most stand out features include a 1000W Hub motor, removable lithium ion battery, wonderfully luxurious leather cafe racer motorcycle seat and the excellent frame is crafted from aircraft grade chromoly steel for the level of robustness you’ll demand.

The Tempus CRT1 Electric Bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 30MPH and with a 3o mile range as well, it is the perfect contraption for all your urban commuting requirements. With integrated rear and head lights, premium quality build and hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll be impressed with how responsive a ride this amazing looking steed is and it is the retro appeal of its aesthetics that really make it appeal to us here at Coolector HQ.

Available for pre-order now with a down payment and early bird pricing, now is as good a time as any to get your hands on one of these Tempus CRT1 Electric Bikes (which are expected to begin shipping around October time) and for those of us that regularly urban commute, there will not be many better machines on which to do it than this.

Technologically Superior

With a 4-5 hour recharging time, you’ll easily be able to use this fantastic looking contraption on a daily basis and the CRT1 Electric Bike from Tempus is exactly the sort of ride we’d love to get our hands on here at The Coolector. Stylish to look at, capable of impressive top speeds and handling like a dream really do make it a triple threat and we’re in little doubt that these will be positively flying off the proverbial shelves.

Any man who wants a middle ground machine between bicycle and motorbike will be in their element with the Tempus CRT1 Electric Bike which boasts the vintage appeal of a cafe racer with plenty of modern add ons that will make it the ideal ride for today’s busy commuters.

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