Tex-Lock Bike Lock

As the health of our Earth and ourselves becomes concerning for everyone across the globe, there are some small steps that can make keeping yourself and Earth in tip-top shape. None of those things can really compare to the simple act of riding your bicycle around town. Whether to work, to grab a coffee, or just out to feel the wind on your skin while working up a sweat.

More and more cities are realising the powerful impact cycling can have. Cities like Copenhagen may be taking the front-runner spot with cyclists pedalling about 1,240,000 KM daily. Yes, that’s right, 1,240,000 daily. For our fellow metric users out there, that’s over 770,500 miles. But today we’re turning our attention to Leipzig, Germany, where one company is changing one of the worst and most cumbersome part of cycling; the humble bike lock. Say hello to the Tex-Lock Bike Lock.

Style & Strength

The Tex-Lock Bike Lock is a feat of engineering and their new bike locks are fire-proof, cut and impact resistant. Yes, you read that correctly. Bolt cutter? Not gonna get this bike. Hand saw? Nope, they saw that one coming. Tex-Lock is not only making these locks safer, but they’re making them lighter, more flexible, and more aesthetically pleasing. Including the padlock, Tex-Lock is still under 1kg. Combine it’s light-weight and flexibility, the Tex-Lock Bike Lock can be easily transported either stowed in a bag, or tucked into larger pockets, making your daily commute that much easier.

But how? How can a lock be all of these things at once? The all-female lead team working on the Tex Lock Bike Lock has over 10 years in R+D and are using high-tech fabrics and giving each layer of material a specific purpose. Which, we can all agree, is pretty impressive, no? There are 5 layers in total, starting with what they call the, “decor” layer, followed by it’s water shield, fire, cut, and saw restraint layers.

What makes the Tex-Lock so great and so useful is that you’ll be able to use it in a multitude of ways, not just for securing your wheels on a bike rack or street sign. Tex-Lock wasn’t satisfied with just making one of the most inventive locks on the market, but they’re striving to give you even more.

Back to the Future

Future plans for the Tex Lock Bike Lock are to include different options for outdoor and heavy equipment, keeping those pesky burglars at bay. So what else could they do? Plans are afoot to braid conductive fibres in to the top to provide the opportunity for alarms and motion-sensors in a move that really elevates this above the competition.

All and all you won’t find a more versatile lock for your bike, and you certainly won’t find anything from a company that is being as innovative in their business structure as well as their products. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to pick one of these amazing looking Tex Lock Bike Locks for a bargain price, there is still time aplenty to support the project over on Kickstarter.

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