Moment iPhone 7 Battery Case

The iPhone 7 is somewhat of a tour de force when it comes to photography and really showcases the distance cameras have come on smartphones but there are always ways of eeking out that bit more from your technology and for those serious about taking pictures with their smartphone, a new Kickstarter project by the name of the Moment iPhone 7 Battery Case will be a real godsend.

The Moment iPhone 7 Battery Case is billed as being the world’s first Battery Case, Photo Case, and Cinema Wide Lens for iPhone 7 and 7+ photography and the fact it manages to bundle all these features into a single case is nothing short of miraculous. Boasting an abundance of clever design features coupled with top of the range technology, the Moment Battery Case will go a long way to enhancing the quality of your photography skills on your smartphone.

Form & Function Combine

Whilst it’s true that the quality of the camera on the iPhone 7 is already phenomenally good, there is always room for a little improvement and accessories like the Moment iPhone 7 Battery Case are how you achieve it. With the intention of making your smartphone more like a conventional camera, this clever case from Moment adds a whole new dimension to your photo taking and is essentially three impressive products rolled into one – namely, a battery case that will charge your phone, a photo case and a new wide angle lens.

We all know that the battery life of smartphones leaves something to be desired and that’s why a case that can help keep your phone juiced is always going to resonate, particularly with those who love to take photos as this can be a considerable drain on the battery. The Moment Battery Case boasts a battery larger than the phone batteries themselves (for both their 7 and 7+ cases) and what this translates into is more than a 100% recharge of your phone when you need it most. Using all the available length and width within the case, Moment focused on delivering the thinnest feasible battery whilst also ensuring peak performance.

The case itself makes it so much easier to capture photos on the go and you’ll no longer be struggling to tap the screen to take quick photos because the case provides a rapid, DSLR like shutter button to capture better photos – particularly of moving subjects. This is something that those who love to take photos with their smartphones are definitely going to appreciate.

Impressive Lens

Another reason why this Kickstarter project from Moment is proving so popular is the high quality wide angle lens on offer as part of the case and this makes for even more impressive photos as a result. The lens is now much more robust and easier to mount than on previous iterations of the case and allows for the capturing of some truly creative shots.

If you’ve been seeking out a device that will not only help preserve the battery life of your smartphone but make for even better photography, the Moment iPhone 7 Case is surely it and with plenty of time to throw your support behind the project over on Kickstarter, you can still pick one up for a bargain price.

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