Theory 11 Antique Spade Lantern

We love magic and playing cards here at Coolector HQ and that’s why Theory 11 are a brand that we’re only too aware of but, that being said, we didn’t know that they had added homewares to their line up of goods and a prime example of this is the superb looking Theory 11 Antique Spade Lantern which is going to look the part in any magician’s stage design or vintage inspired workspace.

Theory 11 are the largest producer of luxury, designer playing cards in the world and, to date, they have designed and produced 78 unique playing card designs. Their overriding goal in playing card design is a straightforward one – namely, to push the envelope and create the most breathtaking, innovative, sophisticated designs any where out there. This Theory 11 Antique Spade Lantern is an extension of their design endeavours and for anyone with a love of retro interior design aesthetics, this will be right up your street.

Old School Cool

With a price tag of just $99, the Theory 11 Antique Spade Lantern isn’t going to break the bank but it is going to add more than a hint of old school cool to any workspace or interior design setup. This cracking piece of furniture is an antique, handcrafted lantern which boasts iconic artwork from Theory 11 and this retro style design is sure to appeal to plenty of design enthusiasts out there.

Each one of these super cool Theory 11 Antique Spade Lanterns is made in the United States, and has been handcrafted with aluminium, glass panels, and a visually impactful, vintage Edison bulb. This eye-catching bulb has been enclosed and positioned within the design in order to light up your home or office in an understated manner. Each lantern boasts the vintage Edison bulb and a set of paper inserts which are aged in design, and has signature Theory 11 artwork which includes the NPH spade, the Contraband Club, and the Broken Spade.

You’ll definitely be turning heads aplenty with this magical looking Antique Spade Lantern from Theory 11 and it sparks conversation each and every time you flip the switch. It acts as a functional piece of art, this mesmerising Antique Spade Lantern is the ideal addition to your desk or nightstand and we’re big fans of the quality craftsmanship and discernible vintage vibes that it positively exudes.

Magical Interior 

For those with a love of the quirky when it comes to interior design, this Theory 11 Antique Spade Lantern ($99) is going to tick plenty of the right aesthetic boxes. Very well made and visually superior, this top notch bit of furniture will really bring your workspace to life and illuminate any room with a pleasingly muted amount of light that isn’t too bright and makes it a relaxing place to spend time.

Theory 11 are best known to us at The Coolector for their superb collection of playing cards but if this Antique Spade Lantern is anything to go by, they will soon be just as popular as a result of their homeware as well. A great addition to any magic loving interior design aesthetic, we can’t wait to see what Theory 11 come up with next.

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