T/BOA Regulation Shirt

For those serious about their outdoors and wilderness adventures, you need to find technical apparel made from sterner stuff than you’d find on the high street and some brands in particular excel in this regard. One such brand is that of T/BOA, an American apparel maker, and one item of their clothing has really caught our eye here at The Coolector for its sheer robustness and that is the T/BOA Regulation Shirt.

The T/BOA Regulation Shirt ($145) is a real sight to behold for the adventurer because it has been so carefully designed and constructed so as to give the ultimate in outdoor performance. With both first rate materials and impeccable craftsmanship, the Regulation Shirt is the sort of outerwear that you reach for when you’re going for a hike in the mountains or camping in the woods and we love its no-nonsense nature here at Coolector HQ.

Wilderness Ready Apparel

T/BOA get their name from the Titanoboa – the largest serpent ever known to have inhabited the earth. The average titanoboa was estimated to be 50 feet long and weigh up to 2500 pounds and this serves as a metaphor for the colossal nature of their clothing creations such as the wonderfully well crafted T/BOA Regulation Shirt. The brand pride themselves in the materials they use and craftsmanship inherent in all their products. They employ the use of technical fabrics from famous companies like Schoeller of Switzerland and even use ultra fine merino wool in our beanies because these fabrics represent some of the most sustainable and performance driven fabrics in the world.

The Regulation Shirt from T/BOA is one mighty fine and robust piece of apparel and is made from Swiss Schoeller fabric, which makes it the epitome of comfort and functionality in a technical garment. For any man seeking a really well made piece of outerwear for all their wilderness trips this autumn, this more than fits the bill and boasts a unique knit construction, which means the Regulation Shirt is able to insulate you in colder climates and serves as a superb mid-layer in the cooler months of the year but, crucially from a versatility perspective, keeps enough breathability to handle the trails in the Spring and Summer months as well.

Innovative materials about with the Regulation Shirt from T/BOA and it also makes use of Schoeller’s Active Silver (silver salt) treatment which is crucial to the performance of this piece of apparel because it makes the garment naturally anti-microbial and odour free for days of hard use and therefore an ideal overlanding and camping companion all year round. There is a real tangible sense of quality to the touch with the Regulation Shirt and it is the sort of clothing that never lets you down and will become a mainstay of your wilderness apparel line up.

Sustainable Products

T/BOA herald from Ventura County with the backdrop of the Santa Monica Mountains to the west and the Los Padres National Forest to the North, and it their overall ethos is based upon the sustainability to their local environment and to the end consumer. All of T/BOA’s base and mid-layer products, including the awesome Regulation Shirt, are made from the finest materials they can muster. Their mid-layer and outer layer fabrics are sourced from environmentally sustainable and Bluesign approved textile mills so you can rest assured any product from T/BOA is made in the right way.

Any adventure loving individual is going to love the quality on offer with the Regulation Shirt from T/BOA ($145). It has got style, substance and first rate materials all coming together to produce one of the finest pieces of technical outerwear on the market right now. T/BOA are new on our radar here at Coolector HQ but you can rest assured we’ll be keeping an eye on them if the quality of their flagship offerings are anything to go by.

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