This War Of Mine

When it comes to videogames based on war nowadays, most people’s first thoughts will turn to the likes of Call Of Duty which thrusts you head long into a first person perspective on the horrors of war but if you’re after something a little more cerebral to sate your war game appetite then a glance in the direction of This War Is Mine will certainly stand you in good stead.

This side-scrolling game is reminiscent of old school classics like Prince of Persia but has been thoroughly bought up to date with some astounding and haunting visuals which truly showcase the grimness of war-torn scenarios. This War Is Mine is the work of 11 Bit Studios and was two years in the making because the creators wanted to capture the true face of war and based their game roughly on the experiences of a child who grew up during the siege of Sarajevo in 1992 and the end result is a hauntingly beautiful videogame.

If you like you prefer your games to be more strategic affairs than all out warfare then This War Of Mine will almost certainly be right up your street with its focus shifting from the traditional wargame scenario where you will invariably be in control of some sort of soldier and instead focusing on helping a group of civilians survive during military onslaughts. A highly unique looking video game that is gathering a lot of critical acclaim for its new take on the traditional war game.

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