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It is fair to say that a small amount of brands seem to have the stereo market well and truly wrapped up but this sort of monopoly is an unfortunate turn of events because it invariably means that some genuinely cracking merchandise doesn’t always get the acclaim that it deserves and that’s why it’s always heartening to see the likes of The Beambox from Clawhammer Co. beginning to make considerable waves online for both its aesthetic appeal and technical capabilities.

There is some real history inherent in these Beambox devices from Clawhammer Co. because each one is crafted from timber that was harvested over a century ago and which is now being repurposed to fashion these fantastic speakers with an unparalleled visual appeal. Whilst the exterior might be exuding history, the beating heart beneath the hood of the Beambox is anything but and will deliver the calibre of performance that modern consumers have come to expect from their speaker systems.

Clawhammer Co. are a collective of master craftsmen who forge various different accessories and assorted technology that superbly intermingles the old and new to deliver genuinely well made and attract products to a consumer market that is eager for such goods and the Beambox is a prime example of this. This cracking device boasts a hand-crafted outer-shell made from reclaimed barn wood, a 100′ line of sight wireless range and a multitude of specifications in keeping with some of the best devices on the market. Check out a few more images of the Beambox below:





For those looking to maintain a vintage, outdoors-esque vibe to their interior design endeavours, a Beambox from Clawhammer Co. will undoubtedly be one of the most suitable speaker systems out there. We’re loving the back to nature feel of these speakers here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that there will be plenty of others out there who will have been won over by its not inconsiderable rustic charms.

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