Thrive Harley XL Sportster Custom Motorbike

We encounter a lot of custom motorbikes here at Coolector HQ and it always amazes us the diversity of the workshops behind them but there is a noticeable prevalence of awesome looking custom bikes from Indonesia and so it has proven once again with this spectacular steed, the Harley XL Sportster Custom Motorbike, from Jakarta based workshop, Thrive Motorcycles. Spectacularly stylish and impeccably crafted, this is a contraption that is surely going to turn a lot of heads amongst the motorbike loving fraternity.

Thrive Motorcycles are the latest in a long line of mighty impressive Indonesian workshops responsible for some of the coolest looking custom bikes on the planet and this supremely striking Harley XL Sportster Custom Bike definitely sits at the top table so far as this is concerned. Best known for producing Cafe Racer style bikes, this offering is a little different aesthetically but, despite our zero knowledge of motorbikes here at Coolector HQ, we can tell it’s just about as cool as it gets from a visual perspective.

Winning Design

This impressive looking contraption from Thrive Motorcycles is designed by Indra Pratama and Barata Dwiputra, two celebrated designers and craftsman from the Thrive workshop and the impact it has straight away is second to none. Heavily influenced by the chopper style motorbikes that are popular today, this Harley XL Sportster Custom Bike from Thrive has clean lines and a minimalistic feel that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector and for anyone after an out of this world ride for road trips, this is amongst the best in the business.

The Thrive Harley XL Sportster Custom Bike has been a couple of years in the making and its two lead designers have been working away at it intermittently over this time. Boasting an engine from a year 2000 Harley XL1200 Sportster, the level of performance from this bike is going to impress and there are all manner of cool customisations to pore over with this stunning steed from one of Indonesia’s best loved bike workshops.

Built upon a custom, rigid frame, this first class ride from Thrive has bodywork that has all been crafted in-house at the workshop in Jakarta and that required the crafting of a new gas tank, the elegant looking tail unit, oil tank, electrical box and, last but not least, the headlight surround to bathe the road ahead with light. The sleek, timeless design of this motorbike really does help set it apart from the competition and the streamlined profile ensures it rides like a dream.

Power & Precision

The precision nature of the design with this Thrive Harley XL Sportster Custom Bike is expertly complimented by the power it’s got going on beneath the hood and the engine modification work consists of a Cut and Shape Cam and Sprocket Cover (minimalis), Sprocket Chain Conversion, T/H/R/V Derby Cover (one-off design) and a Custom Timing Cover. The feature that we’re loving the most here at Coolector HQ, however, is the super cool taillight which is hidden away under the rear fender and the rear turn signals are concealed inside the rear frame.

Whilst motorbikes aren’t something we proclaim to know a lot about here at The Coolector, we do know what we like visually speaking and this sensational contraption from Thrive Motorcycles in Indonesia is right up there with the best of them from an aesthetic perspective. High performing and boasting customisation skills that are off the charts, we can’t wait to see what Thrive get up to next.

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