Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

With signs that Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market might be beginning to wane, the time is now to pull out all the stops with a smartphone release and that’s exactly what looks to have happened with the mighty impressive looking Google Pixel 2 Smartphone, the latest offering from the tech colossus and, from what we’ve seen so far, it might just be a worthy contender for being the next smartphone in your pocket.

The Google Pixel 2 Smartphone is billed as a phone so advanced that only Google had the capabilities to make it and it is available in two different sizes and four different colours so you’re sure to find an iteration that works for you. This spectacular smartphone from Google has the highest rated camera on the market so if you’re the sort that loves to take photos with your phone i.e. everyone then this should certainly enter your consideration when you make your next purchase.

Unlimited Storage

Carrying on with the photography theme, the Google Pixel 2 Smartphone has a real ace in the hole for photography lovers because it provides you with free unlimited storage for all your photos and videos in original quality which means that you’ll never have to deliberate over which photo or video to delete again to free up space. The camera works wonderfully well in low light situations and shoots supremely smooth videos and makes finding, organising and sharing the photos and videos that you take an absolute doddle.

Another ground breaking feature of the Google Pixel 2 Smartphone is it’s so-called “search what you see” capacity which basically means that you can learn more about landmarks or look up books, movies, albums and artwork using Google Lens i.e. taking a picture of what it is you’re wanting more information about and then your smartphone will bring up all sorts of data about it which, we can all agree, is a pretty cool feature.

Needless to say and as you would expect from a Google smartphone, the Pixel 2 has its own personal Google assistant built in which means you can effortlessly request a ride, reserve a table and buy a ticket using just your voice. And perhaps coolest of all, the phone actually has “squeeze for help” functionality which with a gentle squeeze of your phone, you can launch your Google Assistant for real-time help.

Top Notch Tech

The Google Pixel 2 Smartphone is a aesthetically superior device but it’s what’s going on under the hood that is so impressive to us here at Coolector HQ. This cracking device boasts high definition stereo speakers, a water-resistant metal unibody, the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor and up to 7 hours of battery on 15 minutes of charging. In addition to this it has a built in security module to reinforce your lock screen against malware and hardware attacks and the Pixel 2 comes in 64 and 128GB versions depending on your storage needs.

For anyone who is thinking about moving away from the iPhone but isn’t sure where to go, the Google Pixel 2 certainly has a lot of positives that should make it a leading contender. Google may not have made massive waves with their first Pixel smartphone but this new offering looks to have righted the wrongs of the previous iteration and we’re definitely impressed with its capabilities here at Coolector HQ, particularly with regard to the quality of the camera on offer and unlimited free storage space in the cloud.

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