TIKO 3D Printer

There’s no doubting that we love 3D printing technology here at Coolector HQ (particularly when it is used for things like Thorgi) but it is undoubtedly an expensive pursuit for the most part and that’s why we were delighted to stumble across the TIKO 3D Printer which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the process of 3D printing for less than the cost of a smartphone.

The TIKO 3D Printer is simple to use and extremely proficient at creating the sort of finished products you’d come to expect from this sort of technology and, best yet, it is available for under $200 during a round of funding over on Kickstarter. For anyone who has fallen for the prospect of doing their own 3D printing at home but has been put off by the price of the apparatus, the TIKO 3D Printer is the ideal solution.

The fundamental difference with the TIKO 3D Printer is its unibody design which makes it most less bulky and easier to construct than it’s counterparts and it is in its intuitive and innovative design that the costs have been kept down so well. Check out a few more shots of the TIKO 3D Printer below:






We dare say there will be plenty of fellows who have been patiently awaiting their opportunity to get into the 3D printing game and the TIKO 3D Printer represents the perfect opportunity to do so. Affordably, extremely versatile and functional and providing finished results that impress, there’s nothing not to like with TIKO’s innovative design and we’re definitely hoping to get our hands on one in the not too distant future.

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