Timberleaf Pika Trailer

Autumn is definitely one of the best times to hit the open road in the search of wilderness adventure and if you’re the sort that just want to see where the road takes you, having a top notch trailer in tow is always a good idea and they don’t come much cooler or more versatile than the awesome looking Timberleaf Pika Trailer. This amazing construction from Timberleaf is another classic teardrop offering from the outdoors loving brand and if you’re wanting the ultimate in adventure trailers look no further.

The Pika Trailer from Timberleaf is compact and rugged and has been carefully conceived, designed and crafted to take any outdoor adventure in its stride. Regardless of how remote the adventure, the Pika will be able to tackle any terrains with ease and we’re loving the fantastic aesthetics of this teardrop trailer here at Coolector HQ. The newest addition to the already excellent line up of trailers from Timberleaf, the Pika might just be their finest to date.

Adventure Awaits

Incredibly well crafted and boasting plenty of clever little design features geared towards the great outdoors, the Pika Trailer from Timberleaf is a lighter, more compact alternative to their exceptionally popular, classic model. Crafted for rugged simplicity, the Pika may be just what your heart desires and it will be your greatest ally for all those adventurous road trips that you’ve got planned this autumn and beyond.

The Pika Trailer from Timberleaf gets its name from the American Pika, a small rabbit-like mammal that resides and thrives in the high-alpine terrain throughout the Rocky Mountains in the United States. The Pika is an adventurous miniature rabbit that has evolved to traverse the rough and rocky tundra and the same could be said of this immeasurably eye-catching trailer from Timberleaf. It is is thirty-six percent smaller than the Classic model, and boasts a 54-inch by 96-inch frame, meaning it offers all of the quality craftsmanship Timberleaf Trailers has become synonymous with, in a lighter and more agile package.

A fairly lightweight offering, the Timberleaf Pika Trailer weighs in at 1025lbs for the base model, which is important because it means the Pika is easily towed by the majority of passenger vehicles on the market. The Pika Trailer is available with all of the same aluminium colour options for the sides, and clear anodized aluminium top for unparalleled visual impact for the life of the trailer. Which, given its rugged, uncompromising construction, will be a mighty long time.

Tackling Terrains in Style

The Timberleaf Pika Trailer comes in the same three suspension packages as their Classic model, and you can opt for an ‘Offroad Package’, with black powder-coated fenders, and custom-matched wheels. The Offroad Package boasts Timbren Axleless suspension with a 4″ lift, 33″ BFG All-Terrain tires, electric brakes, rock armor, and Max Coupler articulating hitch. It is truly built for whatever adventure that you can think of.

With the base package for the Pika Trailer from Timberleaf starting at a most reasonable $11,750, it’s hard not to be impressed with the aesthetics and performance of this magnificent construct. If you find yourself in the market for a new adventure ally, the Pika would be our pick here at The Coolector and it really is one of the coolest looking adventure machines we’ve come across.

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