Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve

If, like us at Coolector HQ, you regularly need to port your laptop around, you’ll want a classy accessory for the job that looks great but also provides sufficient protection to one of your most expensive pieces of technology. Enter this excellent looking Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve which is one mighty dapper piece of craftsmanship that boasts a striking aesthetic and first rate materials to boot.

The Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve is a luxurious looking accessory for housing your MacBook but one that doesn’t break the bank and which can be yours for just £133 – a fair price for such a well made piece of design that offers both style and substance. This cracking accessory from Crazy Horse Craft has been designed for use specifically for a newest MacBook Pro 2018 (both the 13 inch and 15 inch) but it can also be used with previous generation MacBooks as well.

Considered Design

When you regularly need to carry around your laptop it can be a bit of a problem keeping all your bits and pieces together but not so with this Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve which has a pocket on the case back which will comfortably fit all your adapters, cables or hyperdrive. It comes with a removable handle that makes for comfortable transportation and easy grab and go functionality.

The Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve is crafted from the unique and luxurious distressed Crazy Horse type leather which has been sourced from their local leather tannery. This is joined by 100% wool felt on the inside to provide a cushion for your laptop that will help ensure it doesn’t succumb to any scratches and scrapes when it is being ported about. Each one of these sleeves is hand-cut and handmade to perfection in Crazy Horse’s workshop and there is a real tangible sense of quality to the finish.

Boasting a whole host of intuitive design features, the Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve is perfectly suited to those who want to commute in style. Just some of the most eye-catching characteristics of this superb looking carry include the removable handle for comfortable transportation, rubbed leather that will change colour and will give the case a striking vintage aesthetic and the thick 100% wool felt which protects your MacBook from bumps and will even clean the laptop each time you remove it from the sleeve.

Travel in Style

We’ve covered Crazy Horse Craft a few times on the pages of The Coolector and they’re undoubtedly one of the finest purveyors of leather goods we’ve encountered and this superb looking Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve is one of the best examples of their craftsmanship that you’ll ever see. If you’ve got a MacBook that you want to get from A to B on the regular then this would be our top pick.

Costing under £150, the Crazy Horse Craft Leather MacBook Pro 2018 Sleeve is a top of the line accessory that has the materials to match and we’re loving its dapper disposition here at The Coolector. For anyone in the market for some awesome new accessories over the next few months, you’ll not go too far wrong perusing the digital shelves of Crazy Horse Craft.

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