The Time Wasters Society

Procrastination is something that we’re thoroughly well-versed in the art of here at Coolector HQ and we invariably favour inaction over action and that’s why this rather wonderful design project that goes by the name of The Time Wasters Society caught our eye. The work of a talented designer by the name of Danielle Nicole Ng, who operates out of Singapore, The Time Wasters Society is a fictional society and the above book and associated literature is the society’s manifesto as it were, filled with all manner of excellent ways in which to completely and utterly waste one’s time – something we need little guidance on, to be honest, but the brilliant concept of this society is too good to ignore.

Superbly conceived and wonderfully entertaining, Ng’s creation of a fictional society is slightly Wes Anderson-esque and the clever way in which it is presented throughout the literature she has created throughout the design process is extremely impressive and humorous. If you’re a fan of tongue in cheek design projects then this awesome offering from Ng will be right up your street and we here at Coolector HQ are definitely overly qualified to be members of The Time Wasters Society – check out a few shots of this spiffing project below:










As well as being an excellent design project, The Time Wasters Society will also appeal to those of a typography persuasion as Ng has definitely got an impressive talent for crafting eye-catching typography and serves as another reason to be bowled over by her fantastically entertaining fictional society.

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