The Soundbox Desk

One’s desk is where the majority of time is spent for most people and, for that reason, you should definitely make sure you have one that is positively dripping in awesomeness and that brings us rather nicely onto this stunning Soundbox Desk from Seoul based industrial designer, Jina U.

We’re all for a spiffing desk here at Coolector HQ given how long we invariably remain tethered to one and we’ve not encountered many more stylish than this retro style offering from Jina U. This isn’t just a mere desk, however, as it also doubles as a sound system courtesy of the rather excellent looking port-hole feature on the front of the desk. Crafted from the luxurious looking Acacia wood alongside other striking materials such as copper and steel, the Soundbox Desk definitely makes a visual statement and, as you can see from the image below, it’s a fantastically inventive piece of furniture from a talented industrial designer:





A really well conceived design coupled with the use of visually appealing materials combine to make this Soundbox Desk a highly attractive proposition for anyone on the lookout for a new workspace for their home office. We’re big fans of the contrasting materials used in the construction of the piece here at The Coolector and the retro, vintage vibe of its appearance is sure to appeal to many people from an interior design perspective.

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