UNICO I Modular Waterproof Digital Bags

For the adventure and technology inclined, there is one accessory that you need to get just right. Namely, the backpack or bag that you carry your gear in when on the hunt for adventure and, quite frankly, we’ve seen few candidates more suited to the role than the UNICO I Modular Waterproof Digital Bags which is currently InDemand over on Indiegogo right now. This bag will keep your tech gear safe and dry wherever your adventures take you and it’s certainly not hard to see why it’s raised over £200k on the crowdfunding platform because its performance potential is top class.

The UNICO I Modular Waterproof Digital Bags on InDemand on Indiegogo is available for the excellent price of just £101 for the full set of accessories which is 15% off the final retail price. Offering a modular style design with endless configurations, the versatility and functionality of this bag will be ideally suited to any adventure-seekers out there who want to have their camera gear and computers in tow without worrying about them getting wet or damaged in the process.

Ridiculously Robust Performance

When UNICO say their backpacks are adventure-ready, they mean it. This one boasts full radio welded seams (RFW) which guarantee the maximum in waterproof performance insomuch as the bag can be fully submerged and your gear still protected. Durable water-resistant (DWR) customised lamination delivers the best protection for your expensive electronics and UNICO have raised the bar with inner welding finishing to leave a smooth surface in all corners, fabric threads-free.

The UNICO I Modular Waterproof Digital Bags on Indiegogo (£101) are easy to carry in a number of different ways and will look just as good carrying into the board room as they do out on the wilderness trails. Whether in briefcase mode, backpack mode or messenger mode, this top-notch carry from UNICO offers unparalleled protective performance for all your tech and EDC essentials and we’re big fans of its stealthy aesthetic here at Coolector HQ.

With all the different accessories combinations available to you, the UNICO I Modular Digital Bag enlarges from a functional 10L to a mighty impressive 21L – broken up into over ten different accessory configurations. It is the daily solution to all your carry needs and has a pleasingly compact look while offering the ultimate in organised capacity. 

Feature Filled Design

The shoulder straps are ergonomically designed and padded with neoprene for water resistance and extra comfort to ensure you can wear the UNICO I Modular Digital Bag all day long without discomfort. Top loops offer a holding area for glasses and EDC essentials and there are detachable bottom straps which are hidden on the case back compartment. 

The detachable premium elastic net is designed for holding extra clothing layers, helmet, water pouch or pretty much anything you can think of. Nylon front grab handles and top reflective fix loops are designed to keep your professional tools (or bicycle extra lights) in order with external modular organisation. Available for just £101 during the InDemand on Indiegogo, this carry represents extraordinary value for money and we’ll undoubtedly be looking to get our hands on one for our 2021 adventures here at Coolector HQ.

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